The Breakdown

We start off at home with Tara. She gets word from Rat, who’s shadowing her, that Jax doesn’t want the kids in daycare, or at least at St. Thomas’ anymore.

Aon Rud PersantaJax meets with the DA, and she has the deals all drawn up, but says they don’t go down until she has Gaelan. He tells her where & when Gaelan will be, and what he’ll be with.

At Gemma’s, Nero enquirers about how Wendy is doing. Gemma says she’s doing alright, and that she’s asleep right now. He says she needs to get Wendy into a real rehab, and Gemma agrees. Nero wonders if any of Gemma’s mercy for Wendy can spill over to Tara. He explains that his wife was shooting junk the whole time she was pregnant with his son, and that the afflictions he has is on her. He says he’s still carrying all of that hate with him because he never got to make it right before she died.

Tara stops by the shop, and asks Uncer if he’ll watch the kids for a few while she interviews new lawyers. Her new hired gun basically explains to her that she has to choose between her boys or her freedom. Because if she uses the transcripts where she told about what went down with Jax & the club, then Jax can tell his side of the story, and if word gets out about her fake miscarriage, there goes his defense.

The boys all show up at a warehouse to learn what’s going down for jumping Clay out of his transport. They suit up, learn their weapons, and hop in their laundry trucks. 4 of’em, 2 guys a piece.

Aon Rud PersantaThe Sheriffs are all suited up & armed as well, getting ready to take down Gaelan.

Gemma shows up at the shop, and Uncer wants to know what’ll happen if Tara doesn’t go to prison. What if she goes away? Then what about the boys? Who’ll take care of’em? Gemma says she’ll do it, but Uncer wonders otherwise. He says this life isn’t what it use to be. That there’s nothing on this path but darkness. She asks him why he’s still hanging around if he feels this way, and he says it’s because he’s in love with her.

While waiting for Clay, Jax asks Juice where he is, as he seems distant. Juice says he’s here, and not to worry, he’s not having a break down. He does say that things have changed, that he feels different. Jax agrees, and says he wants to feel like a good guy.

Tig smashes into the transport vehicles, well, transport vehicle. They block off the remaining truck, and make quick business of breaking Clay out.

At the spot where the Sheriffs were suppose to pick up Gaelan, they receive a call for help. They quickly release that they’ve been had, and hop on the good foot. Once they’re on the scene, Roosevelt asks the DA if she wants him to round up the MC, she says not yet, she wants to reevaluate her options.

Aon Rud PersantaAs the boys are leaving, a cop decides to play hero and ends up shooting Bobby. He then gets an answer back in the form of being ran over by Juice.

At Gemma’s house, Tara shows up to pick up the boys. While there, the phone rings, and clearly they need Tara’s help. So, everything is put on hold while they tend to him.

They arrive at the airstrip, and meet up with Gaelan. He congrats them on a job well done, and then the club puts them all done with shots to the head. Once they hit the ground, Tara, Gemma, and Nero show up. Gemma speaks to Clay, and she asks him if the plan is still being carted off to Belfast, and he says nope, he believes the plan has changed. Tara says that Bobby needs to be stabilized, and they agree to take him to the cabin. Before that, Clay asks how they plan on settling with the Irish with 3 dead bodies. Basically, they’re gonna make it look like Clay & Gaelan got into it, and everyone died as a result. Jax is the one who puts him down with a bullet to the neck. I didn’t think this was how it’d go down, I freely admit. I can’t f***ing believe that Clay is actually dead. I truly didn’t think it would happen. Before Tara gets into the car with Nero & Gemma, she grabs Jax’s hand in some sort of…I’m not sure what it is, to be honest.

On the ride to St. Thomas, Nero seems a bit off put about what went down. Tara explains about all the things that Clay did, and how he mos definitely deserved it. She then gets a call from the DA, and wants to speak to Tara about the Sons. She agrees, and says they can meet at her office.

Aon Rud PersantaConner shows up with the load of guns. He walks in and sees that things went a bit south with Clay & Gaelan. He tells him that there’s only one truth he needs to know, as well as tell The Kings. Clay & Gaelan had an argument, Clay smoked everyone, then the Sons smoked him. They also need to recognize that August Marks is the only gun business in Southern Cali, because the Chinese will jump all over it if they wait.

While they wait for Tara upstairs, Gemma wonders why she’s so sad over Clay. Nero says that good or bad, Clay was a huge piece of her life. Upstairs, the DA offers her the same deal as before. However, they’d need proof of a federal crime to get her witsec and all that goodness. She asks if a bullet from a club member would work, they say it would. She says she’ll need to think about it. Once she leaves, the Sheriff is told that they just got a tip, 4 dead bodies and a case of KG-9s. Two of the bodies are Clay Morrow and Gaelan O’Shay.

At the cabin, Tara digs out the bullet from Bobby, while at Gemma’s house it’s story time with the boys. After digging out the bullet, Tara & Jax talk. He says he understands why she did what she did, and apologizes for the fact that being with him brought her to that place.

The Analysis

I sure didn’t think we’d see Clay die anytime soon, if ever. He’s always served as one of the best characters in the series, and one of the all time greatest villains. With Clay officially out of the way, it’ll be interesting to see how far Nero & Gemma’s relationship goes. Nero is a legit good man, and we’ve seen what happens to her husbands. Speaking of the sanctity of marriage, it wouldn’t shock me to see Tara die this season. She’s completely lost it, and doesn’t seem to know which side of the line she should stand on. One thing is for sure, she seems intent on taking down as many people as possible. But c’mon, why Bobby? Bobby’s good people.