The Breakdown

We start off seeing the after effects of a Trouble on steroids caused by William.  Normally, if he Troubled librarian remembers a trip to Hawaii she would get sand in her shoes.  Now a volcano erupts and several people are injured.  The next morning Audrey wakes up on the floor with no shoes.  She walks downstairs barefoot and turns out she’s now living above JoJo’s Bait shop.  Figuring it’s one of the “Haven” things, she starts walking toward the Police Department.  A big Yukon with Haven Police written on it passes by and does a U-turn.  The cop that gets out is Duke!  Apparently he is a 3rd generation cop and has no clue who Audrey is.  On his way taking her to the station and he talks about how bad the town is getting stops to take a statement about some vandalism.  Someone scratched out a face on a billboard.  While he does that Audrey sees Vince and Dave.

Dave is wearing a sweater tied around his neck like they did back in the day or how tennis players do.  They see her and say Haven has its first homeless person.  She whispers that she knows about the Troubles.  They tell her there is no trouble in Haven.  She looks at a sign that says “Haven, the safest town in Maine”.  She realizes there are no Troubles.  Duke takes her to the hospital to get checked out and she meets Nathan Hansen.

If you’ll recall, in the first season we found out Nathan [Wuornos] was adopted by Chief Wuornos and his biological Troubled father, Max Hansen, was in prison.  Apparently that never happened in this reality.  And by the way, Duke’s dad is the Chief of police instead of Nathan’s.  Nathan, the doctor, tells Audrey she is clear and healthy.  When Nathan gets called to a Code Blue, William walks up to Audrey.  He tells her he’s not doing all this, it’s someone’s Trouble.  She realizes he is immune to the Troubles like she is and that they have a connection.  He still wants her to remember who she really is.   She watches Nathan walk up to his wife and daughter and tries to be happy for how good everything is for everyone in this Haven.  William tells her he’s going to find a way to turn it back to the original Haven with or without her help.  She pulls out Detective Duke Crocker’s card and calls him.

They meet up and she tries to warn him about William.  He says he looked her up and saw that there is an Audrey Parker in the FBI that isn’t her and he asks if she is under cover.  He gets a call while they are talking and says Haven has had its first murder in 42 years.  She goes with him to the crime scene to see a murdered Vince and Dave. Detective Duke finds a long blond strand of hair on Dave.  Even though Audrey tries to tell him William planted it, he arrests her.  In the interrogation Audrey tries to explain the Troubles to Duke and that someone’s Trouble turned Haven into what it is now.  She says William is killing people to find the Troubled person to turn Haven back.  Duke looks like he wants to believe her but honestly, who would?  Duke gets a call about another murder.  Audrey tries to explain that William did it thinking that the person, Doreen, caused the new Haven because hers was the last Trouble that caused problems before the change.

Duke leaves her there handcuffed and goes to the crime scene.  He meets up with the M.E., Nathan Hansen.  They shake hands and Nathan tells him they’ve met before.  They were in third grade together.  He also explains how back then they went sledding and he broke his arm.  It hurt like hell and that’s why he became a doctor.  If you don’t recall, in the real Haven, this actually did happen to Nathan but he didn’t feel a thing.  In fact, he was ready to sled again when the other kids noticed his broken bone sticking out.  That was the last time the Troubles were in town.  This Nathan kind of annoys Duke with all of his jokes.

Stan (a fellow cop in all Havens) opens the jail cell and let’s Audrey’s lawyer, William, in.  William says Audrey has to help him solve the mystery of who’s Trouble is doing this or more people will die and people “Audrey Parker” cares about will suffer.  Meanwhile, Nathan shows Duke the body and it says “Not Her” on the forehead.  Nathan says he got the short stick of the draw to be M.E. for this crime and asks what it would take for someone to be full time M.E.  Duke says more murders.  Nathan says time of death is 4 hours ago which is a time when Audrey was still in custody.  Meanwhile, Audrey gets let out of hold because her lawyer (William) says they can’t hold her any more.  She tells Stan not to trust her lawyer but he thinks she is a nut job because William told him she is delusional.  Audrey goes to check on Nathan at his mansion and he is worried because his wife and kid are missing.

He gets a call and William asks to speak to Audrey.  He tells Audrey that he will let the Hansen family go if she figures out whose Trouble is messing with Haven.  Nathan wants to call the cops and she tells him that won’t do any good.  She says they have to figure out who’s causing the Trouble.  She asks if anything weird happens and he says the three murders and his family being kidnapped happened when she got there.  She casually adds ”and the vandalism”.  He says, “Vandalism? Since when?”  That gives her an idea and she finds a real estate ad with a picture of the person whose face was scratched during the vandalism.  She realizes that the woman standing next to the guy is Susie who was injured during the volcano Trouble.  Nathan still doesn’t understand but goes with her to the Open House where the couple should be.

Back at the station Duke is yelling at all the cops for letting Audrey go.  He says he doesn’t care her hold was up, she was his only lead.  He finds a list of possible victims of William that she left on his desk. When Audrey finds Susie, she finds out that someone has been following Susie and her current husband.  She turns around and sees it is Cliff, Susie’s husband in the original Haven.  She finds out that his Trouble granted his wish that the Troubles go away because his wife died due to an injury from the volcano.  While she’s talking to him Duke drives up.  She starts talking to Duke and turns around to see Nathan and Cliff getting into a car and driving away.  Nathan wants to exchange Cliff for his family.

Duke tells Audrey that everything has a common denominator and that is her.  He also says that he believes her because of what he’s seen so far and because earlier she told him that in her Haven he owns a boat.  He says he always wanted a boat.  William demands Cliff wishes for the old Haven and he refuses because his wife would be dead in that Haven so William hits him.  Nathan gets his family to safety and leaves again telling his wife that he put that man (Cliff) in danger and has to help him.  Apparently Nathan’s nature is the same in all Havens.  Duke and Audrey show up to find Cliff tied down.  William jumps out and points a gun at Audrey, making Duke put his gun down.  William shoots Duke!  He tells Audrey that none of those people matter.  She only thinks they matter and that she is their savior but the real her made the Troubles.

That is why she has to come back over and over again every 27 years and deal with them.  He knows because they did it together and liked it.  She sees Nathan in the background inching toward them so she holds William’s attention telling him how scary it is not knowing who she is and asking him to be patient.  Duke, while on the floor bleeding, points to a gun.  Nathan picks up the gun and tells William to freeze.  William makes a face and says “this might do the trick” and he shoots cliff in the head.  Audrey immediately wakes up next to Nathan back in the regular Haven but still has her clothes on from the created haven.  She tells Nathan they need to kill William.

Duke says he needs a bigger gun when he finds out he was a cop and William shot him.  Nathan finds out Susie did die from complications from the volcano and Cliff was found shot.  Nathan asks if she found any new info on William.  She decides not to tell him what William said about them creating the Troubles together.  She remembers the fiber glass that Detective Crocker found on one of the victims and they figure out where William is.  The three of them go find him and pull guns on him.  He stands there unafraid and tells Audrey she doesn’t really want to shoot him.  Duke says she really does.  William says “not for the reasons you think”.  He realizes she didn’t tell them and says they have a right to know.  He says he will tell them everything about who she is and what she and he have done together.  He says they are connected and starts walking toward her.  Nathan reflexively (or maybe out of jealousy and anger) shoots him.  Audrey immediately goes down with the same exact injury.  Nathan realizes they truly are connected.  While Nathan is holding Audrey, Duke goes to put pressure on William’s shot wound (for Audrey of course).  Both victims lay there shaking, heavily wounded by the shot.

The Analysis

I am amazed at how William did a 180 into this guy.  He was so kind and encouraging and gentle.  I actually liked him.  Now he’s obnoxious and arrogant.  I am anxious to see who the “real” Audrey is and how exactly she and William created the Troubles.  These last few episodes have been making me giddy as they reveal these things.  I still want to know what the deal is with Dave and Vince.  What is their Trouble?  They have to have one right?  Maybe it is out living everyone.  Seeing Duke as a cop was funny looking but I found this episode to be quite interesting with seeing everyone in Haven being happy and light-hearted for once, even if it was a facade.