Hey, remember that douche bag boss of Dr. Connors in The Amazing Spider-Man?  You know, the one who wanted to use unwitting patients at a VA hospital as guinea pigs for Connors lizard formula, then Spider-Man saves him at the bridge and is never seen again.  Yeah well, it turns out that guy is dead.

The official Tumblr page for The Daily Bugle recently posted a story saying that a badly decomposed corpse found in a Manhattan sewer was positively identified as the body of Oscorp employee Dr. Rajit Ratha (played in The Amazing Spider-Man by Irrfan Khan).  It turns out there was a deleted scene all along depicting Khan’s death at the hands of the Lizard.  Why they didn’t just keep the scene in the movie to avoid two years worth of confusion by the audience has yet to be explained.

I’m not exactly up in arms about this character officially being killed off.  His only purposes seemed to be establishing that Norman Osborn exists in the Spider-Man universe and to make Dr. Connors appear more sympathetic by comparison.  As a matter of fact, the most interesting thing about him was that his fate was pointlessly left up in the air, so ironically this story has removed my last reason to care about his existence.  Maybe his death will have some kind of consequences in the sequel but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended being ignored.

How do you feel about the confirmed death of Dr. Ratha?  What impact (if any) do you think it will have on The Amazing Spider-Man 2?  Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.   

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