The Breakdown

Brian has just stuck Duncan with the needle filled with poison. Ellen explains to Brian that if Duncan dies they all die. Ellen tries to save Duncan’s life.

The Good ReasonSomehow, miraculously, Ellen saves Duncan from dying, from a poison that is supposed to work within minutes, by throwing him in a bathtub. Duncan tells her that going to his daughter’s school is off-limits. Ellen tells Brian that they have to find out who else is behind this conspiracy to kill the president and they should start with Duncan’s family.

Kramer is being questioned about the shooting at the house that he and Sandrine robbed. Burton gets him free since the police aren’t charging him with anything. The president meets with Quentin and Col. Thomas Blair. The president wants to expose a program called OTI that spies on US citizens. Quentin is against it and Blair agrees with the president. The secret service is still investigating Ellen, and Duncan takes the lead and wants to run point on it. He wants to keep this investigation a secret. Quentin meets with Blair about OTI.

The Good ReasonQuentin and Blair in a flashback from five months ago talk about how the president will expose OTI  (Operation Total Information), they just don’t know when. Quentin speaks about killing the president.

Back to present day, while Blair is against the president exposing OTI, he was just agreeing with the president while in his presence. Ellen tells Archer that she is going to John Hopkins because a patient is being transferred. She tells Archer that she is going by helicopter. Archer doesn’t follow the helicopter and he just says call when you return. Ellen really goes to Beth Zion hospital to see Nine Carlisle. When she gets there Duncan is leaving so she has to hide. After he leaves she goes to Nina’s room but she is not there because she is going to chemotherapy. Kramer takes Jake and Brian to Burton’s because Kramer is being investigated and Burton got a picture of Kramer and Jake in the car the night of the murder near the victims location. Kramer needs Jake to be his alibi. Morgan’s creepy boyfriend jumps the fence and sneaks in the house he tells Morgan he wants to know everything.

The Good ReasonJake is at the police station being questioned. Jake is giving a story about him and Kramer being at a skate park. Jake while trembling isn’t very convincing to the officer.  The cop shows Jake pictures of the dead man and asks Jake to tell him the truth. Ellen goes to Nina’s room, where Nina is back, but asleep. Nina wakes up and thinks Ellen is the new age doctor that Duncan has been talking to save her. Ellen doesn’t say anything being she thinks Nina knows about the plan to kill the president. Boyd is in the Sanders house talking to Morgan, Morgan hides him from Sandrine, but while seeing if the path is clear for her to leave with Boyd, Duncan comes in. Morgan says she is going to a friend’s house when Duncan tells her she needs to clear it with her. Boyd pulls a gun out on Duncan and tells him to stop.

The Good ReasonMorgan screams to Boyd to put the gun down. The phone rings and it’s Morgan’s dad (Boyd thinks Duncan is Morgans Dad from a previous meeting). Boyd wants to know what the hell is going on. Sandrine sees something going wrong and goes downstairs gun in hand. Boyd shoots Sandrine and Sandrine shoots Boyd. Sandrine had on a bullet proof vest so she is OK, Boyd didn’t have the same amount of luck. The president’s sister-in-law (Vanessa) meets with Blair and Quentin at a bar and it seems as if she is in on the plan. A member of the secret service goes and picks Brian up at his office. The secret service thinks someone is trying to harm Brian’s family and he is there to help. Archer calls Duncan telling him that Ellen duped him again and that she is at Beth Zion hospital. Duncan goes to the hospital seeing Ellen. Ellen is threatening to release all the morphine in Nina’s IV into her body. Duncan tells her to get away from his wife because she is innocent. Ellen says so is her family.

The Analyst 

Archer is the stupidest hostage tail in the history of TV. How is it the Ellen says I’m going to John Hopkins (Which is in Baltimore and 45 minutes away) and he doesn’t follow here because she in on a helicopter. This show needs to stop introducing characters because we don’t care about the existing ones already. 7 shows to go till the finale, I can’t wait…to stop writing about this show.