I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed back when it was announced that Terrence Howard would not reprise the role of Col. James Rhodes. I thought him and Robert Downey Jr. had incredible chemistry throughout the first movie. That being said, I’m not sure what Terrence Howard is like on a personal level, and reports stated he was uneasy to work with during production. That wasn’t the only factor which effected his involvement though. At the time, Howard was the highest paid actor on the movie, and contracts required for a pay cut if sequels were to happen. Sadly, him and Marvel could not reach an agreement, which led to the recasting of Don Cheadle.

During press interviews for Dead Man Down, Terrence Howard expressed his opinion about what Iron Man meant to his career.  He tells Hollywood.com“(The) worst thing I witnessed was ‘Iron Man’ killing my career. Or trying to. They tried to.” He then states jokingly in a villainous manner that he’s coming for the glory. “I’m gettin’ y’all. I’ll get ya.”

I doubt it was Marvel’s plan to kill Terrence Howard’s career. He could have stayed in the franchise and not worry about his pay grade so much. Clearly if he made a decision that wasn’t based on money his career might have panned out differently. So, I think he isn’t taking responsibility for his own mistakes in this matter. That being said, Howard is extremely talented and I hope he does regain some artistic integrity.

Source: NBC News Entertainment