So The Conjuring was great. Duh! We all agree on that. If you don’t, we got beef. Regardless of what wars may emerge from that opening, Warner Bros agrees. They are already making a sequel, but now there is even more. Annabelle the horrifying doll is making a come back she (it?) is getting her (its?) own Conjuring spinoff movie, tentatively titled Annabelle.

Dolls are creepy. This doll is creepier than most. It’s a good idea. Unfortunately in seems like we will not have the pleasure of seeing James Wan’s take on the doll that haunted my dreams. He is avoiding the franchise now as he makes his transition from horror to action. In his stead, it appears we will find John R. Leonetti. He was the director of photography on the first movie, and he did a stellar job. I expect more good work from him here.

I do wonder what the Conjuring spinoff will be about, though. The story of Annabelle is told pretty clearly in The Conjuring. We get the whole story of the nursing students and their malevolent toy, so what’s going to be in this movie? Will there be some sort of sequel?


Toward the end of The Conjuring, Annabelle escapes from her glass prison to torture the Warrens’ daughter (thanks to my friend Tep for reminding me of that at the last minute). Maybe that’s the plot of the Conjuring spinoff. Maybe she escapes but then goes on a journey with a friendly dog or something. Either way it’ll be interesting to see how exactly that story continues. Unlike the others it will not be based on any sort of Warren family mythology or true story. It’ll be entirely original, terra incognita for what is shaping up to be a fascinating new franchise.

More positive new coming from The Conjuring Camp (DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS), the sequel is chugging along. No one is 100% certain about the plot of the upcoming film, but rumors indicate that it may regard a pair of possessed sisters in Enfield, England. That means we get terror alongside British accents. Maybe if we’re lucky there will even be liberal doses of uniquely British invective. If there’s one thing the Brits are great at it is swearing and if there’s two we could say drinking tea I guess.

All in all, things look good for the franchise, and the genre as a whole. I wonder if horror can keep up its steady pace to return to a central part of theater schedules. Warner Bros sure seems to think so.

Source: IGN