The Walking Dead changed the game on television. It’s been repeated endlessly that the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s zombie tale is the highest rated show on television by a wide margin. That is a true fact. Zombies are HUGE right now, thanks in large part to the success of this show. In fact, it’s been such a big deal that it’s getting a spinoff (well, that’s a combo of how big a deal the show has been and the total creative failure over at AMC).

What happens to the rest of Kirkman’s work now that he’s proven to be television gold? Cinemax will buy the rights to his upcoming horror story and produce it on premium cable. I used the future tense there because it was a fake story, but that already happened. Outcast, Kirkman’s yarn of demonic possession, will be hitting the boob tube eventually, but there’s no release date yet.

You probably want to know what Outcast is, seeing as it doesn’t exist yet. I’ll let you know. It’s the story of Kyle Barnes. He’s been the victim of possessions from a young age. Now he wants answers, and he’s going to get them, even if it means the end of the world. It sounds like a totally creepy story and one that can translate well to television, especially the no holds barred world of premium cable. It could be gruesome, terrifying, and full of swearing. You gotta love swearing.

I’m excited about this, and I don’t even like The Walking Dead, or know much at all about this. It just seems like it’s going to be neat, but I do love more horror, and the growth of the genre has me super pumped.

Source: ComicBookMovie