Marvel showed up at South by Southwest and had a special treat for their fans. They are giving away 700 free comics – No. 1 issues – through the Marvel App and there is no hidden stipulations. Nothing to buy later, nothing to buy now. Basically, you log in to the Marvel app and start grabbing these comics to your heart’s desire.

This also includes the Marvel Now No. 1 issues, so if you were on the fence about which series you might want to check out, this is your chance to test them out with free comics. If you really want a treat, grab the new Thor, Fantastic Four, Superior Spider-Man,  FF and Secret Avengers series, all of which I highly recommend. I’ll be definitely checking out some that I have been questionable about as well.

There are 700 No. 1 issues in all during this free comics giveaway, so be prepared for some time spent depending on how many you want to download. Also be prepared, because the site has crashed a few times with all the people jumping on this great deal.

This free comics deal from Marvel Comics ends on Tuesday, March 12.