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Looks like the annual dystopian Purge is happening again.

Last summer’s high grossing horror film, The Purge, is getting a sequel! James DeMonaco, who directed the original, will be returning to direct The Purge 2 for Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions.

Universal approved the Purge sequel shortly after the weekend opening box-office success of the original. Blumhouse had partnered with Universal under a first-look deal, and happily their $3 million budget film grossed a whopping $34 million.

Production might begin by the end of this year.

The Purge starred Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady as married bourgeois suburbanites in a futuristic American society. This society, not unlike our own, has been eradicated of all crime ever since the government implemented the “Purge”, an event occurring one night out of the year when all crime is deemed legal.  By allowing people to purge themselves of violence for one night, the government ensures that crime is thus alleviated for the remainder of the year. On that fateful night, the couple safely fortifies themselves and their children in their high-security house. They should all be safe! But of course, someone gets in…

I loved this movie. I was one of those people who actually paid to see the low-budget film  in theaters, spurred not so much by its hype but by its awesome premise and fantastic lead actors. I was not disappointed. By the opening credits, there was no question in my mind that we needed a Purge sequel. I know that many genre buffs were somewhat disappointed by the almost anti-climactic nature of the film. But for a movie with such a simple premise, taking place in an enormous house with only a handful of characters, I found The Purge to be deliciously satisfying and thematically appealing.

This off-the-wall premise deserves some original updates in its sequel. I doubt the same “nuclear family trapped in a house” will produce the same amount of shocks and suspense the second time around. But I will likely be one of those movie goers lining up to see what the Purge sequel has to offer next year.