The Breakdown

IcarusFlashback of Olivia saying goodbye to her mom before the flight in which killed her. Olivia is going to the White House to see if Fitz really shot down the plane that killed her mom. Sally Langston is talking with Leo to see how she can run against Fitz.

Olivia stomps into the White House where Mellie and Cyrus think that she is going to run Fitz’ reelection campaign, they clear the room and Olivia asks about Remington. When she puts the pressure on him about lying he brings up “defiance”. Fitz says that when it comes to her he is an open book but when it comes to Remington it is classified and he doesn’t know what shes talking about. She says that she can’t work for him and leaves.

Mellie gets pissed with Fitz for letting Olivia go. Olivia tells the team she is going with Josephine Marcus. She meets with Marcus and convinces her that she needs to get big donors in order to win the White House. Marcus lines up meetings with big donors and wins them over. Olivia tells Jake that he needs more information on Remington and he goes off to search for it. Cyrus meets with Eli and tells him that Olivia knows about Remington and would give it to Marcus if she needed too. Eli says he will take care of Jake Ballard and Cyrus needs to handle Marcus.

IcarusJake meets with a woman named Kate to get access to the flight records for Remington. There is a man in he back of the cafe listening to their meeting. Cyrus calls Harrison and asks him to try and get Olivia off of Marcus’ campaign. Harrison says there is no changing Olivia’s mind. Cyrus tells him to try. Cyrus also tells Harrison that Adnan Salif (Harrison’s’ former boss) is trying to get a Visa to get in the country, which will be denied but he figured Harrison should have a heads up “in case” anything happened. Olivia is watching old footage of the plane crash that killed her mom.

Flashback of the night that Olivia found out her mom died, where her dad gave her the news. Olivia then calls her dad and wonders what did he last say to her. Eli instantly knew what Olivia is talking about as she didn’t say “who”. Eli tells Olivia that he told her mom he loved her. Olivia asks was that true and Eli says yes. Olivia tries to dance around conversation and Eli tells her that she can ask one question. She asks did he give the order (to shoot down the plane) and he says no. She then tries to sneak in more questions and Eli stops the convo.

IcarusJames has been chosen to do the interview with Josephine Marcus. (Olivia set up this interview because the donors liked Marcus but didn’t think she could win. (Olivia wants this interview to convince them she can.)  Cyrus is trying to see what James is going to ask her but he doesn’t say. Sally is asked by Cyrus to have dinner with the president because a reverend is calling Fitz out on TV. This is playing right into Sally and Leo’s plans. Harrison asks Huck is there anyway he can block Adan Salif’s visa application because if Salif gets back into the country Harrison is a dead man. Huck says he can delete the application. Abby and Olivia are coaching Marcus through her interview questions when Marcus snaps and says stop trying to make me into something I’m not. Fitz and Mellie have dinner with Sally and her husband. Daniel Langston hits on Mellie all evening and even keeps his eyes on her while saying grace. Quinn is testing her new gun out at the shooting range and she can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Charlie comes in and tries to give her tips about her aim. It works and she starts hitting her target.

Before the interview Olivia shows Marcus a video that screams that a woman shouldn’t be in the White House dealing with world leaders. At the start of the interview Marcus zones out and then goes off on James. Marcus claims that he and everyone else is being sexiest and they don’t want a woman in the White House. Marcus’ sister wants to stop this interview when Abby tells her to let her go. (the video seems like a ploy by Olivia to get Marcus riled up) Cyrus gets a call by the reverend that called Fitz out. The reverend meet with Langston earlier and she told him she wanted to run for the White House.

IcarusThe reverend tells Cyrus all of this and he tells Cyrus he will be in Fitz’ corner. Jake gets a call back from Kate saying she has the information he wanted. He goes to a dark alley to meet with her and a man follows him. The woman says she has the information but it was deleted by someone and she had to go find it in a box. She reaches in her purse to give him the information and the man following Jake shoots Kate. The man tells Jake to look in her purse and there was a gun. Cyrus tells Mellie about Langston’s plan to run against Fitz and Mellie tells Cyrus that Daniel Langston is the way to get to Sally.

Olivia tells Marcus that she won the donors over and they will give her their full support. Candice calls out Abby about the fact that Olivia made the video to give Josephine a push. Candice noticed Abby’s hand was in the video. Harrison walks into Cyrus’ office and tells him that Olivia won’t back off the Marcus campaign and that if he wants Salif in the country he going to have to personally vouch for a known criminal. When Harrison leaves, Cyrus calls Corey to tell him to push Salif’s visa through. Charlie leaves Quinn’s side at the gun range and calls Eli and tells him that he is doing as he ordered and is teaching Quinn how to use a gun.

Eli has Kate’s profile in his lap while Charlie is on the phone with him. Jake goes to the White House and wonders why Fitz has a security detail on him. Fitz tells him ever since B6-13 wanted him dead. Jake tries to get information about Remington from Fitz and Fitz tells Jake that he can’t help him anymore. Fitz goes to Olivia’s house and wants to start over. Olivia wants to know about Remington. She tells Fitz that the plane didn’t crash it was shot down and that her mother was on that plane. Fitz gives a looks of bewilderment and tells her he doesn’t know. Olivia opens the door for Fitz to leave and he exits her apartment.

The Analyst 

Well I was thinking that Fitz would change his tune after finding out that he killed Olivia’s mom. It was evident from the look on his face he didn’t know. I was shocked his stood his ground. I’m glad we are finally going to see what’s going on in Harrison’s past. He is the only member of Olivia’s team that is an enigma. Well it looks like Jake will be killed off soon. Without the help of Fitz, Eli is going to have him put down like a dog. It seems as if Kate was sent by Eli but I don’t see the next time Eli puts a hit on Jake him coming out of it. Lastly Sally Langston is an idiot, I understand this is TV but a vice president trying to run against a sitting president is political suicide. Even if the president is a philandering whore. Plus she has Josephine Marcus in the mix now. Side-note I think Lisa Kudrow is doing fantastic in this role.