The Breakdown

Hail MaryDuncan is at home with Sawyer and his father in law, Burton. He is worried what will happened to Sawyer if this doesn’t go through as planned. He also feels that he needs to get Brian on his side so that Ellen will kill the president. While talking to Burton, Duncan gets a call from a man telling him that his man is jail is about to talk and has a meeting with the DA. In jail Archer is talking Malik, the man that helped him move Angela’s body. Then Archer is called up to see his lawyer. His lawyer turns out to be Sandrine. Archer is in jail to kill Malik. It seems as if Malik and not Archer is the one that has the meeting with the DA. Archer tells Sandrine that Malik won’t make it to that meeting. Brian still has plans to kill Duncan, Ellen says she may know someone that can help them.

Hail MaryWhile meeting with the president a woman rushes in and goes in a fit about an upcoming benefit for her brother. Her name is Vanessa Moore and she is the first ladies’ sister. The first lady tells Ellen that she told the president to fire her and that if another mistake occurs she will hold Ellen responsible. Archer is trying to shank Malik in the back when he hugs him. A guard tells them to stop their embrace. Malik sees the knife in Archers hand and feels something isn’t quite right.

Duncan calls Brian downstairs to patch up a bullet-hole. Duncan doesn’t see Brian looking for the vile of poison that was hidden in Ellen lipstick. Morgan is getting checked out by social services because her OB/GYN called about child abuse. The social services worker wants to see Jake as well. Ellen is en route to the hospital where she makes a stop Sandrine drills her about it and she says it’s a house call. Ellen is going to the friends house that may be able to help them. It turns out it is Burton, Duncan’s father in law.

Hail MaryArcher gets beat up by a guard who is helping Malik (the man Archer wants to kill). Archer befriends a man he is going to work with to have Malik killed since the guards are watching him. Kramer as told Duncan that he is going to see Nina but he is somewhere else. Duncan is talking to Brian trying to get him to talk to Ellen to carry out his plan to kill the president. Brian then gets Duncan to get him more drugs and thinks about trying to kill him with a knife that is is using to repair the wall. Ellen is at Burton’s house and Burton says the he can help her and should not try and battle her captors.

Sawyer comes out and points out Ellen saying that she remembers her from school. Sawyer calls her Jane and Ellen denies, Sawyer says that Ellen asked her to draw a picture of her family. Burton heads upstairs to get Sawyer out of there and Ellen looks at a picture of Kramer and seeing the mail that says the last name Carlisle. She questions Burton about his relationship with Kramer and figures out Duncan is his son in law. Burton tells her to claim down they have a lot to talk about.

Hail MaryDuncan is still trying to convince Brian to get his woman in check and go along with the plan. Brian acts like he’s in more pain than he is really in and goes upstairs to fill up a needle with the drugs meant for the president. Burton was Ellen lawyers when she murdered the man in the ER 15 years ago. He suggested for her to be the person to kill the president. Back at the White House the POTUS and Vanessa have a weird moment when it’s obvious that they had sex. Vaness leaves and the 1st lady comes in and another weird moment occurs. Archers gets the man he befriends to cause a prison fight and Archer kills Malik while the riot team comes and breaks up the prison fight. Burton tells Ellen that if she doesn’t kill the POTUS the people that he works for will cut there losses and EVERYONE involves dies.

Hail MaryBrian pussyfoots around trying to stick the needle in Duncan. Kramer admits to Burton that he killed a limo driver at the botched robbery (sorry to the 2 people that watch this show and reads this wrap up. I thought it was the dude Sandrine owed money to.) Kramer is about to crack about that incident and the current job he is on and Burton calms him down. Sandrine  goes to the bar and comes on to Kramer when they leave police are outside to “question” Kramer about the limo drivers killing. (Duncans’ team is dropping like flies round 2) However, Archer may be getting out of jail because he fulfilled his purpose there. Brian finally finished the patchwork and Duncan is putting away the tools. While carrying the toolbox, Brian is about to stick the needle in Duncan. Ellen comes in and yells for Brian to stop. The work is already done, Brian has stuck the needle in Duncan’s chest.

The Analyst 

Well because CBS was desperate for viewers we saw a preview of half the show like 2 weeks ago. So we know that Duncan is going to live. It’s a shame that this show sucked for about 4 weeks it is really starting to pick up. We have Ellen finally giving in because bloodshed will reign from mysterious men if she doesn’t kill the POTUS. Prison killings and Ellen going to the person that assigned her the job of killing the POTUS for help with killing his son in law. I think this show is either getting good or I have accepted the fact that this show is so bad it’s good.