In this week’s The Walking Dead, entitled Indifference, Daryl’s group struggled to find a way back to the prison while Rick and Carol struggled with Carol’s recent deadly action.

The Breakdown


This week on The Walking Dead, Carol spoke with one of the little girls Lizzie explaining how people change. It seemed apparent that Carol had her recent action of killing Karen and David on her mind.

Shortly after, Carol and Rick set out to get more food and possibly medicine from nearby homes as they were still awaiting the return of Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob.

Daryl’s group finally made it to the vet school, fighting a few walkers here and there on their way as well as inside the building.


Carol and Rick were gathering items from one of the homes when they ran into a young man and woman hiding out in the house. Carol helped the man with his dislocated shoulder and the couple wanted to join the group at the prison as they had become separated from their own group recently. Reluctantly Rick agreed, but when the couple wanted to help by gathering items Rick was unreceptive. Carol, on the other hand, was very willing to let the two look for food to bring back with them. The four agreed to meet back at that house in two hours and Rick gave the man his wristwatch and the two of them guns.


Daryl and the gang found a vehicle, but it needed a little work to get running – battery, fluids, etc. Daryl and Bob had a brief heart-to-heart as they worked on getting the car running when Bob explained to Daryl his problem with alcohol. Bob also said it was this problem that caused Zach to die that day in the store.

Throughout the day, Carol continued trying to talk to Rick about what she had done to Karen and David. Rick was very apprehensive about expressing how he felt about it all, which seemed to really bother Carol as she compared it to Rick’s killing of Shane. The two headed back to the house to meet back up with the young couple when they saw the young woman’s leg, obviously torn from her body. They looked up to see a couple of walkers feasting on her. Rick and Carol went back to the house to wait for the man, who never showed.


Once Daryl got the vehicle running, the foursome was on their way to it when they ran into a group of walkers. After a tiny fall, Bob almost lost his backpack to the walkers but refused to release it. The pack was saved and soon after a bottle of alcohol was discovered in it, which explained Bob’s reluctance to let it go. Daryl got upset and got in Bob’s face, but ultimately let it go and the four headed back.


After deciding not to wait for the young man any longer, Rick and Carol went to pack up the car as well as another car they found with keys. It was then that Rick told Carol that she could not come back to the prison with him. After what she had done, she appeared to understand and gave Rick her wristwatch. Rick helped Carol gas up the other car and she drove off to start again…alone.

The Analysis

Indifference was a pretty interesting episode of The Walking Dead. Although I was not surprised at Rick’s hesitation in speaking to Carol about her killing of Karen and David, I was more than surprised when he banished her from the group! I was very sad at the ending to last night’s episode and was not expecting it at all.


Even though the episode focused only on the groups away from the prison, we again got to see a lot of struggling going on and with more than the undead. Tyreese and Michonne still seemed to struggle with their anger – Tyreese with Karen’s killer and Michonne with The Governor. And then Daryl’s anger with Bob over that bottle of alcohol was actually intense. Daryl is one scary guy when he wants to be! So now I am anxious to see his reaction to Rick banishing Carol!

I sure will miss Carol; just like when any other member of the group leaves the show. She was certainly right in her descriptions of people changing over the past couple of weeks. Carol is not the weak character we met in season one.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of The Walking Dead and did you see that ending coming? Share your thoughts!