Chapter 27 Breakdown

This week we open up with Guy and his editor in the editing bay, working on the most recent episode of Sports Sesh. It’s during the moment when Kenny cuts in while Guy is working with the monkey. Guy asks the editor to take a break, and then calls in the janitor who’s working in the hall. He plays him a clip of Kenny, which causes the janitor to laugh. He asks him what’s so funny, and the janitor tries to explain. This results in Guy telling the janitor to pass a message along to his grandchildren; their grand-dad is f’ning out.

We’re at a skating rink, having a birthday party for one of Stevie’s kids. Kenny wants to know what’s been up with April as of late. He can’t understand why she’s been so weird lately, and she can’t understand why he can’t work as hard on his marriage as he does on the show. She lets him know that if he doesn’t start working at it, they may have to examine further options. Later, Kenny & Toby are chilling in the garage, and KP tries to tap Taby for some information on why April is acting up. Toby, being 5, doesn’t have much to offer pops.

On the Sports Sesh, in the middle of the episode, Guy reveals the latest co-host, female tennis player, Candy Cox. She’s just like Kenny, and obviously Guy put her here to run him out, just like how Kenny was brought in. She trips Kenny up, and he obviously sees what’s going on. During a commercial break, he heads to the bathroom to give himself a pep-talk. He tells himself that he’s handsome, confident, and he has this. Unfortunately, his microphone is still on, so everyone in the studio hears him.

We check out the Taters & Tits kiosk at the mall, where it’s revealed that Maria has gotten herself at least 3 boob-jobs. They’re massive. Kenny has a talk with Stevie, and tells him that Guy Young is threatening to crush their empire, prompting them both to devise a plan. At first Stevie wants to skin Guy and make a lamp out of him, however Kenny says that a last resort.

Kenny meets up with his next door neighbor to ask her if she ever saw any signs that her marriage was in trouble. She says no, not until Kenny told her that Gene cheated on her.

Stevie & Kenny are recruiting someone to send Guy a message. They choose a big guy, the same big guy who played Phil in Sons of Anarchy. He’s to approach Guy and say he’s a big fan, and that he would like to see Kenny more. Afterwords, he’s to inflict some bodily harm.

Later, Kenny’s out on the high-seas, flying around, when he sees Guy. They have a talk, in which Kenny wonders why there isn’t room for both of them. Guy wonders why Kenny can’t simply go to hell. It’s war, and Guy says he’s the only one who’s going to win.

Stevie, Maria, and the Hitman hang outside of Gold’s Gym where Guy is working out. Once he leaves, the Hitman makes his move. He swings for Guy, who ducks it, and then promptly pummels the hell out of him. He then starts chasing after Stevie like the T-1000, who’s screaming while flooring it in the station wagon.

Later that night, Kenny surprises April by throwing a Save My Marriage party. Things end up going astray, as Kenny reveals that Gene didn’t cheat, and he made it up to hide the fact he was high on coke. Kenny & April have a bit of a blow-up, and she kicks him out of the house. Before leaving, he frees Toby’s wolf, letting him run into the night.

The next morning, Kenny approaches Guy and asks for a truce. He tells him that he’s in a terrible place right now. His marriage is in shambles, and he has no more fight left. Guy tells him that they were never friends, and that he’ll never be a star, he’ll always be the guy in the audience. The audience that Guy owns. That he serves up his fecal matter, and they eat with delight, because they’re morons. He then goes out to greet the audience, only to be showered in boos. Kenny then reminds Guy about his live mic.

Chapter 27 Analysis

Although it has a completely different feel, season 4 is really amping up the drama with Kenny, which I dig. It seems that Kenny is the type of person who can’t have it all, because he’s so insecure that he feels he must burn as bright as possible, which doesn’t work for his personal life. When he’s a nobody, everyone in his life is happy, but once he gets a taste of success, he assumes that everyone wants what he wants; drugs, money, and tons of material possessions. Now that Kenny is going to be running the show, I’m looking forward to him forcing people to wear Kenny masks while he struts around dressed like Henry The VIII.