Recently it was announced that DC Comics was creating a large number of DC Comics TV shows, which started with Arrow and will continue on through the Batman world inspired Gotham City series and The Flash spin-off show that will start with an appearance in Arrow. Now, word comes on the next DC Comics TV show, and this one might cause some confusion because it is based on a character called The Avenger.

I’m pretty sure that they won’t be able to use that name, even though the DC Comics character The Avenger pre-dated Marvel’s The Avengers by 30 years. However, The Avengers is so popular right now that DC Comics will have to change it to something else.

The Avenger was created in the pulp magazine Justice Inc. in 1939 by Paul Ernst about Richard Benson, a millionaire crime fighter who becomes a hero after his wife and daughter are abducted and killed. The horror of their deaths causes his hair to turn white and paralyzes the muscles in his face, allowing him to change his appearance.

The DC Comics TV show, which would air on the CW, much like Arrow and the upcoming Flash, will change and modernize the story. The hero will now be a female (Alice Benson) who learns she can alter her appearance thanks to genetic bio-hacking aft3er her parents are murdered. It has been called an “updated Biopunk version” of the classic character.

Neal Baer (Under the Dome) is developing the DC Comics TV series and Deric Hughes and Benjamin Raab (Warehouse 13) are writing the pilot. There is no word whether it appears before or after The Flash or what the show will be titled. Does the plot sound like something you might be interested in? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Deadline