Let’s talk about Joe Cornish. I’ve only seen one of his films. It’s a small sample size for what I’m about to say, but goddammit I do not care. He is one of my favorite filmmakers working today. Attack The Block is a 100% bona fide masterpiece. It may be my single favorite movie since it was released.

To give you an idea of what that means, I’ll list some of the other movies since then: The Avengers, The World’s End, The Hunger Games, Django Unchained, Holy Motors, Moonrise Kingdom, Cabin In The Woods, The Conjuring, Argo, and The Master (also so many more, but you get the point). I would say that the only movie I’ve seen that is comparably excellent would be Gondry’s new film Mood Indigo.

In light of that, you can see why I’m so excited that he’s at the top of Paramount’s list to direct Star Trek 3, which will be brought to us by the clan of J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman. (I guess I buried the lede there a little bit).

This would be spectacular. Cornish films his action scenes to tell a story, and if he has to induce cardiac arrest to get the message across, then so be it. It’s not Michael Bay style chaos either. It’s riveting, geographically sound, clear, edge of your seat action (again I’m talking about one movie). More than that, Cornish knows how to develop a character through more than just dialogue. The way his characters move and react onscreen says so much, and that’s especially important because he genuinely wants the characters to drive his plots forward (you know, like how movies are supposed to work).

One last bit of unchecked adulation, the dude cares about real issues. Attack The Block is so much more than an alien invasion flick. It’s one of the most nuanced and powerful takes on inner-city race relations that I’ve ever seen. It’s a beautiful movie, and a totally sweet genre film. It’s everything! GO WATCH IT NOW! When you’re done, you’ll understand why for once since the Abrams era I’m actually excited for the Star Trek franchise.

Source: SlashFilm