Man, it’s November already??? Wow.

This really isn’t too much of a surprise…looks like Ender’s Game managed to take enough in this weekend to assure a #1 opening at the box office with $28M dollars. (I’ve seen the flick; it’s pretty good. Look for my review on the site soon.) More surprising to this Renegade Reporter is the fact that Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa raked in another $20M to stay in 2nd place this weekend and bring its overall run total to just over $62M. With a budget of just $15M, this means that Bad Grandpa┬áis already a profit machine. (Did any readers see Bad Grandpa? Is it funny? I’ve heard mixed reviews.) Rounding up the #3 and #4 spots were Last Vegas and Free Birds, with $16.5M and $16.2M openings, respectively. Gravity remained right in the middle with an additional $13M earned this weekend, bringing its cume to just over $219M. Here’s the entire top ten breakdown:

Position Title Weekend Total
1 Ender’s Game $28.0M $28.0M
2 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa $20.5M $62.1M
3 Last Vegas $16.5M $16.5M
4 Free Birds $16.2M $16.2M
5 Gravity $13.1M $219.2M
6 Captain Phillips $8.5M $82.5M
7 12 Years a Slave $4.6M $8.8M
8 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 $4.2M $106.2M
9 Carrie $3.4M $32.0M
10 The Counselor $3.3M $13.4M

Next week brings a biggie (for us Marvel fans, anyway) in Thor: The Dark World. I really enjoyed the first Thor and also loved his character’s inclusion in Avengers; word on this street is that The Dark World is much better than anyone could have anticipated, always a good sign. Will you guys and gals be partaking in some Marvel Phase II next weekend? Did you see Ender’s Game or anything else this weekend, regardless of its box office results? Let us know in the comments below!

Weekend box office results courtesy of Box Office Mojo