Remember that awesome Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer that hit last week? It makes it look like this might be the best Marvel movie to date. If you want to see more, like five minutes of the movie, you have to see Thor: The Dark World when it hits in 3D to get the Captain America sneak peak.

Marvel will present a five minute extended look of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the 3D version of Thor: The Dark World, and the 3D version only. This reminds me of what they did with The Hobbit, where they were selling footage of that ahead of an IMAX movie. It is a way to get people to pony up more money if they want to see it.

I don’t mind, because I prefer 3D movies anyway and will always choose 3D over 2D if the possibility is there. And before anyone starts, I hate it when people bash 3D and say they want it to go away because no one is forcing you to see it in 3D instead of 2D.

Actually, in this case, you are being told you have to see it in 3D if you want to see the Captain America sneak peak. That sucks for those of you who hate 3D but want to see it. So, complain if you will, but I’ll be seeing it in 3D whether people like it or not.

Source: Fandango