Just a week after Ryan Reynolds claimed the long in development hell Deadpool movie was taking “tiptoes forward“, director Tim Miller has confirmed the movie is “still alive.”  He has also stated that he and Reynolds are ready to go and that they’re waiting on Fox to give the green light.

Honestly, I was much happier believing it to be dead in the water. Deadpool’s appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was nothing short of embarrassing (along with just about everything else in that movie but that’s another story).  Turning the “Merc with a Mouth” into a mute felt like a gigantic insult and I’m only a casual fan of the character to begin with so I can scarcely imagine how hardcore fans felt.

Miller has already admitted that the Deadpool movie they want to put on screen would generate a hard R rating which indicates to me one of two things will happen.  Fox will either cut their losses and put an end to the movie (like they should’ve done years ago) or they’ll water down the script until it’s a more box office acceptable PG-13.

Perhaps the most confusing part to me about this is Ryan Reynolds.  His track record with comic book movies has been hilariously bad.  In case he hadn’t already humiliated himself enough with Green Lantern, last summer’s R.I.P.D. somehow managed to do even worse.  So I have to ask why Reynolds still wants to keep starring in comic book movies after the last couple he’s been in have arguably ruined his career.  I also have to ask why any studio would want anything to do with him after looking at the box office numbers he’s generated in the past.  

Do you think Deadpool would be a good movie?  Should Ryan Reynolds still play the character?  Give your two cents in comment section.

Source: Comic Book Movie