Last week we reported that Ben Affleck was planning on making his turn on the role of Batman a secret. Well, a new report questions whether it’s actually a secret at all. We might be far away from seeing our first glimpse of Batfleck, but a new rumor says that the look of the character will in-fact be based off of Lee Brumejo’s graphic novel titled Noel. Those unfamiliar with the novel, Noel tells a small story for Bruce Wayne/Batman in a  Christmas Carol structure. It’s a great read!

The source comes from Comic Book Movie where they explain the cape, cowl and costume is taking inspiration from the novel’s design. The site explains that most famous incarnations of the Bat-Suit heavily resemble Nolan’s take with Christian Bale, such as Injustice: Gods Among Us was an idea tossed aside by the studio. However, in Noel, Batman sports the typical black cape and cowl, with a contemporary spin of the gray outfit color we known from Adam West. To be honest, it looks  pretty badass! Here is an image of the action figure as well as some images from the novel!

original (1)


Batman costume

They also add that the Superman costume is receiving upgrades as well. So, if you had any issues with the costume design in Man of Steel– which was the least of the film’s issues– Kal El will rock a crisp new outfit.

Guess what? That’s not all folks! General Motors is prepping the next version of the Bat-Mobile or the Batfleck-Mobile. The new design is getting input from production designer Nathan Crowley and engineers Chris Culvert and Andy Smith, who are past alumni from the Nolanverse.

I actually dig the design if this is indeed the Batman costume. I’ve always had a small thing for the Gray color. If this is the way it’s headed, then I can honestly say they are doing a decent job on starting fresh for The Dark Knight.

Batman vs. Superman hits theaters on July 2015! What do you think of the design of the new Batman costume? Do you think this is how WB is planning to approach the fresh look?

Source: CBM