Marvel may own the movie world, but DC Comics has always owned the animated movie world. Now, with the recent Flashpoint movie bringing the DC animated universe into the DC New 52, to align itself with the comic book world, the first DC New 52 movie is hitting in Justice League War.

For those who don’t read or follow comic books, DC Comics rebooted their entire universe after Flashpoint. Basically, that comic brought the comic world to an end and they reset everything. The DC New 52 starts off five years after the first superhero was discovered, although some of the series started off sooner than that.

One of the comics that started sooner than the rest of the DC New 52 was Justice League, and that comic began when the members of the Justice League first met and teamed up to face the threat of Darkseid as he planned an attack on earth.

The new Justice League is similar to the old Justice League with one difference. The core members are still Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but there is no Martian Manhunter and he is replaced by former Teen Titans member Cyborg.

The trailer shows that the Justice League War movie will follow the same storyline but, unless I missed him, I didn’t see Aquaman but there was a Captain Marvel appearance (he appeared in side stories in the comics).

Check out the Justice League War trailer and let us know what you think.