If you ever wanted more proof that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was superhuman, look no further than this fact. Johnson just finished an intensive six month shoot for Hercules and immediately showed up to shoot Fast and Furious, Part 7.

The man is a machine.

Also, because The Rock loves his fans, he provided a couple of photos from each movie.

Yeah, the guy is a stud.

In Hercules, The Rock plays Hercules – the mythic hero from Greek myths – in a movie directed by Brett Ratner. Yeah, I’m not too excited about another Ratner movie, but the guy can shoot action and The Rock as more charisma than almost anyone in Hollywood, so I will see it.

As for Fast and Furious 7 – that just still boggles my mind. SEVEN movies in the franchise. And the funny thing is that it was pretty much dead until the fourth movie breathed some life and the fifth kicked the crap out of all of us. Seriously, Fast Five might be the best fifth movie in any franchise.

For The Rock’s WWE fans, disappointment may be coming because he is in talks to star in an earthquake disaster movie called San Andreas that will film at the same time as Wrestlemania 30, taking him out of the big event.

Then again, the guy is superhuman.

Source: Twitter