A few day ago I talked about the Amazing Spider-Man viral Daily Bugle site and how it talked about three things that could tie into the franchise: Hydro-Man, Vulture and the Spider-Slayers. I said that I could see Vulture and Hydro-Man as part of the rumored Sinister Six for the third Spider-Man movie, but that the Spider Slayers was probably just an Easter Egg.

Today, more appeared on an update to the site. This time Venom and the Hobgoblin were mentioned. Now, people are racing around thinking they might appear in Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is likely NOT TRUE. Either there will be a million villains in the movie or the site is just teasing fans. I also think that some web sites might not know about earlier villains teased, with the amount of publicity they are giving adding these two character to the movies.

Here is what I think might be coming if these teasers are more than actual teasers.

Hobgoblin could easily be part of the Sinister Six if they choose not to go with the Green Goblin. As for Venom, there have already been mentions of him being in a solo spin-off movie in the fourth of the rebooted franchise.

As for the Spider Slayers, I still don’t think they are coming. The reason that people went to them was because Alistair Smythe was mentioned and he is the man who created them. Well, maybe Smythe has something to do with the research that Curt Connors and Richard Parker were working on and he is making these super villains to go after Spider-Man for Norman Osborn.

Of course, all this is just guessing. The Amazing Spider-Man viral site is opening up a lot of conjecture. In the end, it might all just be for nothing. If they show up next week with talk about a guy turning into sand and a big game hunter visiting America, we might have the rest of our Sinister Six, though.

Source: Daily Bugle Tumblr