We’ve been hearing the whispers of this casting for months and now it seems to be heading this direction. According to ScreenRant, Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Fruitvale Station) is almost a guarantee lock for the Human Torch in Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot. This should come with little surprise since Jordan played a great part in Josh Trank’s Chronicle, which is the same director as the Fantastic Four film coming out next year. That said, it seems to be a done deal just without the official announcement, which is why I headline this story with a question mark.

Human Torch CastingDespite Jordan’s talent and crazy awesome charisma in his roles, it still seems people want to throw out the race card against the casting. Seriously people? Are we still that dense that we can’t wait and see why he was chosen. Some of the arguments being thrown out involve Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie and Kate Mara all being white actresses in the running for Sue Storm. So how can they possibly be brother and sister? Maybe he’s adopted people. Maybe he’s a step or half brother to her in the film. Maybe Sue Storm is adopted.

There is various ways to make this work besides saying “he just cannot be Johnny Storm.” In fact, the decision for Jordan is much more interesting for casting then anyone else I can think of. We as a culture need to be more open minded sometimes. Let’s just see what the new reboot has in store.  It might turn out better than you think.

What do you think? Is Michael B. Jordan a perfect fit for Johnny Storm?

Source: ScreenRant