We have talked before about the Evil Dead franchise. After the recent Evil Dead reboot, Bruce Campbell talked about how he wanted to join forces with Jane in the seventh movie in the series. Well, that might start soon because he just said they are making Army of Darkness 2.

Wait, you may ask – 8 movies? Yes, Bruce Campbell said he wants Fede Alvarez to make a sequel to his Evil Dead movie and then wants Sam Raimi to make Army of Darkness 2That would make four Ash movies and two Jane movies. Then, Bruce said he wanted them to team up in the next one to end the franchise.

That was in April. Also, in an interview I conducted with Fede Alvarez, he expressed interest in a sequel to his Evil Dead movie as well.

With that all said, Bruce Campbell was at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con and was asked about Army of Darkness 2. Here is what he said.

“The last one was twenty-two years ago. I just haven’t been racing to do it. Sam Raimi is just a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood. I used to be busy. Now I’m not. That’s why I’m here. He then joked, “Ash would have to stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath. Maybe we could do that, I guess. That would be exciting. Fight in a walker. That would be alright. Hit them with my cane. Fake them out, have a fake heart attack, distract a zombie. I like it.” […] “Alright sir, the answer is yes.”

Written out, it all sounds like a joke but the people there said that he was serious when he said “yes.” Does that mean Army of Darkness 2 is coming? I hope so, and I hope it is a sequel to the original vision where he overslept and wakes up in the future. What are your thoughts?

Source: Bloody Disgusting