Forward by Edgar Wright

For those who don’t know, Scott C is a cartoonist who has created a series of pieces of artwork that sees two characters from a pop culture favorite movie facing off once again.

An example is often as simple as Walter Matheu facing off with the Bad News Bears players, as obscure as the little boy facing a Red Balloon or as quirky as the three main characters from Office Space facing off with the printer. What makes these so impressive is that, while many of the drawings are minimalistic, you can always recognize the actor’s face that the photos represent.

When looking at the Reservoir Dogs drawing, with Tim Roth lying in a pool of blood, you immediately recognize Chris Penn. My wife and I went through the book together when it first arrived in the mail, and it became a fun contest to see who could figure out the movie first. She was especially excited when she beat me to the Space Balls photo.

The only drawback to this book is that only real film geeks can fully appreciate the book. There is no cheat sheet anywhere in its pages, so if you can’t figure one out, you are SOL.

The intro is by Edgar Wright, who says he has prints hanging in his office of the Scott C art for his movies, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. That is about the highest praise an artist can get.

Is it worth the buy? I think it is completely worth it for anyone who loves movies or is a huge pop culture fan. This might not be so big for non-film geeks, but for those of us who live film, this is a gold mine of smiles.

Check out Scott C’s website for samples of what you will find in Great Showdowns: The Return.