Josh Brolin is rumored to possibly star in Jurassic World, the much hyped sequel to Spielberg’s classic and starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, and Nick Robinson. Colin Trevorrow is set to direct and Derek Connolly wrote the screenplay.

Brolin is in talks to play the lead but there’s no further information regarding the plot or characters. However, Brolin was considered for a starring role very early on, even before production was delayed for a script re-write this past summer. Brolin has been super busy this year with Gangster Squad, Oldboy, and the upcoming Labor Day (directed by Jason Reitman), out this December.

Jurassic World is slated to open in 3D on June 12, 2015.

News of Jurassic World’s production development hasn’t been good. There’s a whole wikipedia page dedicated to it. There have been talks of a fourth JP movie since 2002! In January 2013, Universal finally announced a set date for the film to be released in June 2014. However the film was delayed again this summer when the script had to be re-worked by Trevorrow and Connolly, but now it seems like Jurassic World is finally getting its giant prehistoric dino-foot of the ground (sorry).

Josh Brolin is great in virtually everything he’s in, but who knows about this movie. The only significant work under Trevorrow’s belt is Safety Not Guaranteed, which wasn’t mind-blowingly awesome or anything. And it’s not as if his indie film showed tons of great promise for a freakin’ Jurassic Park sequel. The only way I can see another Jurassic Park movie working is if it derives from a completely unique imagination and incorporates some sort of originality and innovative ambiance.

But let’s get real: these are dinosaurs we’re talking about.  Who doesn’t want to see dinosaurs? Perhaps the last two sequels to JP weren’t memorable because audiences had gotten over their initial awe and shock of the first JP. Remember how excited you were when you saw the first JP? Remember how scary and realistic those creatures looked? Well, I kinda of don’t remember because I was 8 years old. But anyway, here’s to hoping that we have forgotten JP enough so that we can re-live the dino-mania of 1994 all over again.


SOURCE: Slash Film