After Relativity Media mercifully pulled the plug on Stretch Armstrong last week many people (myself included) saw it as the possible end of studios trying force lazy toy adaptations down our throat.  Sadly, those hopes have been dashed since The Dissolve reports that Legendary Pictures are moving forward with an adaptation of Mattel’s Hot Wheels.

Not only have they brought in Simon Crane (whose experience is mostly limited to second unit director and stunt coordination) to direct, they have also hired Paul Attansio (Quiz Show, Donnie Brasco) to write the screenplay.  Crane and Attensio’s resumes are impressive enough but I’m pretty concerned about Crane’s lack of directorial experience and the fact that Attansio hasn’t written a theatrically released movie screenplay since The Good German in 2006.

Apparently the story will focus on “a washed-up Illinois State Trooper who, after a dangerous military device falls into the hands of a criminal, fights the man his father once put behind bars.”  This makes it sound like just another generic movie where cars go really fast and we’ve already got the Fast and Furious series for that.  I also can’t help but think if they’re just going to make it into another car movie, then why bother wasting your money buying the rights to Hot Wheels in the first place?

Do you think studios should keep making movies about toys?  Can Hot Wheels make for a good movie?  Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: The Dissolve