For the last couple of years, Warner Bros. has been developing a sequel to the beloved Tim Burton movie Beetlejuice.  They have already gone so far as to hire Seth Grahame-Smith (Dark Shadows) and David Katzenberg to write the script.  While they have announced their intentions to get Michael Keaton to reprise his role, it hadn’t been made clear what role Burton would play in the sequel (if any).

For a while Burton’s involvement appeared to be in doubt due to his typically busy schedule.  However, according to Slashfilm Burton had actually been considering dropping out of his commitment to directing Fox’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to make time for the Beetlejuice sequel.  While Burton has since changed his schedule around to make both movies, neither one has announced a date to begin production yet.

If Warner Bros. does indeed end up moving forward with Beetlejuice 2 they should absolutely bring back Burton and Keaton.  However, I feel like I should ask if making the sequel at all is a good idea.

It has already been 25 years since the original Beetlejuice was released and it will likely be at least a couple of years before the sequel would see the light of day.  Movies sequels with gaps this long are typically forgettable direct-to-DVD material at best (basically all those Disney sequels you know suck just on instinct) and at worst can taint the memory of the original (like the Star Wars prequels).

Another problem is that Burton’s movies over the last few years frankly haven’t been very good.  Alice in Wonderland was mediocre, Dark Shadows was completely ill-advised, and the Burton produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had all the ridiculousness of a Burton film but with none of the fun.

Though, admittedly I also see this as a possible opportunity for Burton to make a return to form.  It might be good for Burton (not to mention his fans) for him to revisit one of his best movies and to possibly remind him what made his movies good in the first place.

Are you excited for Tim Burton to direct?  Should Warner Bros. make another Beetlejuice?  Give us your thoughts in the comment sectiion below.

Source: Slashfilm