The Breakdown

Today’s ep picks up with Kenny, April & Stevie leaving the TV studio, basking in Kenny’s performance. Stevie gets so excited that he punches out a car window, before climbing on top of a car hood, screaming in pain.

The next morning, Kenny has gifts for the family. April gets a scented candle, Shane gets a LV backpack, and Toby gets a wolf that Kenny bought from a Native American off of Craigslist. The wolf seems to be pretty pissed at all times, and won’t even obey the head of the house hold, even though he’s told repeated times that Kenny is a TV star.

Later, Kenny heads to work with Stevie in tow, along with a gaggle of gift-baskets. When he arrives, he finds that Guy has given him a gift-basket as well. One of the things it contains are passes for a weekend at a water/amusement park resort. At first he attempts to mend the bridge with his brother, and invite the family, but he isn’t having it. He says Kenny is just going to screw this all up again. The wife seems game to forgive, as well as hit up the water park, but his brother just isn’t having it. Also, both of the boys are huge now.

The night before the trip, April is packing while Kenny gets down with this bad-ass breaking dancing robot named Yule that’s playing the tune that the Tri Delts played from Revenge of the Nerds. It’s f’ning awesome. April is a bit concerned about Kenny spending all this money, but he assures her that all is well, and that she needs this trip. That they need to end this boring lifestyle, so that Kenny quits contemplating suicide.

At the water park, since Kenny’s family declined the invite, Stevie and his family, plus the friends from the dinner the other night have come along. Kenny’s hanging out in the lazy river, smoking a lazy joint, and checking out the talent. Among the attractive females is some weird looking guy with nunchucks stuffed into his speedo. Stevie comes along, and confesses to Kenny that his penis no longer works. He tells that Stevie that although his wife is built like oatmeal, he needs to be attentive to her needs. While this goes on, April is having plenty of shots, as well as beer-bonging with a few fellars she just met. Kenny is informed of this, and tends to her.

Back up stairs, April is tucked into bed when Kenny receives a txt from Stevie that there’s a shindig in the lounge. He leaves the kids to watch GI Joe: Retaliation, which should be tantamount to child-abuse, before going on his way. Once he arrives, it’s just him, Stevie, and the other guys who are the husbands to April’s friends. Soon though, the creep with the nunchucks in his speedos, Shawnsee, and one of the hot girls from earlier, Jesse, who turns out to be the creep’s sister, notice Kenny and soon offer to party with them upstairs. Once there, Kenny & Stevie quickly get into cocaine, while the other two nerd out and decide to leave while Kenny becomes the Cocaine Monster. Once their gone, Kenny, Stevie, and the Creepy Guy’s Creepy Mystery Crew all head down to the water park, despite it being closed. Before shuffling on down, the Shawnsee tells Kenny that his sister wants to engage in adult matters that I can’t really recap here because google may not approve. Kenny is flattered, but tells him no thanks. Once they all hit up the water park, Kenny finds himself alone with Jesse and the subject once again turns amorous. Kenny, who seemingly is about to give in to temptation, turns it down. He tells her that he’s a family man now, and that he can’t blow his shot at being famous. The cops soon show up, and everyone splits.

Kenny gets into bed, and soon asks God if he should get is duck sicked, which his son over hears. He then leaves, and heads to Jesse’s room, looking to take her up on her offer from earlier. She tells him that he was right, that it wasn’t a good idea. Kenny’s lucky, because as soon as he was in his refractory period he would have felt like a pretty big piece of sh…

In the morning, April wakes up and wants to know what the damage is; if she made a fool of herself; if anything bad happened. Kenny says that no, nothing bad happened last night. Nothing at all. Tobe is staring at his father, seemingly aware of what’s going on. With that, we’re out.

The Analysis

I’m glad that Kenny being back on top has already happened, and we don’t spend the entire season with him once again trying to reach that goal. I like seeing Kenny try hunker down and be a good man, all the while deal with his fame, and the other side of him that everybody but those closest to him want to see. I also hope there’s more of him dancing with Yule, because that was fresh to death. Seeing how Eastbound & Down did the whole “family sitcom” style of episode today and knocked it out of the park, it once again shows how it’s completely head & shoulders over all the network junk. This show is Bizarro World to anything Chuck Lorre.