After airing just three episodes so far this season and despite a noticeable drop in ratings, ABC appears to be really happy with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD since they have now committed the show to a full season order.  This doesn’t come has a huge surprise since the show’s pilot episode debuted to the highest ratings for a new drama in four years.

I found this to be great news in more ways than one.  After the ratings drop off in episode 2, I was a little concerned about the long term prospects for the show and I know I wasn’t alone in that area.  Even though I haven’t liked the last two episodes as much as I did the pilot, it’s still one of the few shows where I will pause whatever I’m doing to sit down and watch.  It’s also a relief to see a Joss Whedon show get some respect from a network for a change (I’m talking to you Fox) since his shows typically take around a full season before they hit their creative stride.

Do you think ABC made the right decision with the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD full season order?  Will you watch the next episode?  Be sure to tell let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Variety