The Breakdown

An Asian man is murdered, briefcase taken and wrist slit and hand captured. A computer nerd is trying to access the briefcase computer, even using said severed hand, which is not working. Wujing tells someone to contact Reddington.

WujingElizabeth is trying to get to the bottom of the findings of her husband, his gun, big bag of money and passports. She takes the gun and shoots it in a bucket of water to get the bullet and casings to get them checked by ballistics. Red is contacted at a park by a middleman for Wujing asking for his help. Red tells Lizzy and the FBI that Wujing is trying to break a code that will have information of a U.S. secret agent that may be killed. Lizzy is hesitant to take this case because Red has her cover all doctored up as cryptographer, which she knows nothing about and she does not want to do it. The FBI lets her know that Wujing, albeit a mystery, has killed several agents and this one will be on her, if Wujing gets to the agent before the FBI does.

At a house somewhere, a cleaning crew enters the home and starts planning bugs. A lady enters forgetting her purse and the crew is about to wipe her out. She leaves without alerting to the crew, saving her life.

Red and Lizzy head to a radio station which is being used as a front to Wujing, goes through security and is headed below the ground through an unknown passage not listed on the building blueprints.

WujingRed and Lizzy meet Wujing in his underground fortress and Lizzy needs an outside signal to use her code breaking doohickey. Red offers up a distraction about a white van that is outside spying on them, which happens to be a FBI truck spying on them. Outside in a flower shop agent Ressler gets nervous because he can’t track Red and Lizzy. Ressler freaks out and wants to draw reinforcements in. Red kills the distraction and Lizzy gets a signal from one of Wujings’ mens computer; giving the FBI their tracking signal again and all kinds of goodies from Wujings network. Lizzy breaks the code giving Wujing his next target.

WujingHenry Cho is the next target for Wujing. After Lizzy cracks the code and her and Red are flawlessly finished with the job, an alert comes up on Wujing’s system. It seems someone has sent a signal to the FBI. Wujing, while staring deathly at Red and Lizzy, feels it’s his man (being Lizzy used the signal from his computer). Wujing beats him to death and Red kills the man to take the heat off of him and Lizzy. Wujing already has men at Henry Cho’s building. Cho is an architect and not a government agent he just happens to be constructing a government building. Wujings’ men are making their way up the unfinished construction site. The men have Cho cornered and have found his son. Just as one of the men is about to pull the trigger on Cho, Meera Malik (One of Reddingtons’ security detail and FBI agent) shoots the man and gets Cho and his son to safety. Lizzy and Red sneak out with Wujing’s via a back entrance from his building and are dropped off. Directly after; Wujing is apprehended because Lizzy places the tracking device the FBI attached to her (that was made to look like a anti smoking patch) on Wujings’ car.

WujingNow that their job is over Lizzy wants an answer from Red. Earlier she asked him if she did this mission she wanted to know why he choose her. Red proclaims that it’s about her dad. Which Lizzy asks if Red knew him or meet her father and of course Red tells her that the answer is not as simple as the question seems.

The ballistics report that Lizzie ran comes back, however the info is classified to her. Agent Ressler had Lizzies moves tracked and intercepted her report. Ressler reported to Director Cooper that the homicide on the gun was only to be known to the secretary of Homeland security. We see Red eating dinner alone and he opens a red envelope that Wujing handed to him as payment for the job, it’s contents are the numbers “040983”. Lizzy goes back to her house where Tom apologies and we see that their house was the one from earlier which was broken into and cameras were set up. A mysterious apple eating man is watching and listening to them.

The Analyst

WujingFirst things first; the looming secret is more than likely that Red is Lizzie’s father and if the writers don’t get the obvious out-of-the-way. I wish they would throw us off the scent and tell us that Lizzy was at her fathers funeral or something. Even tho it would be weird for a 30-year-old woman to just ask a perfect criminal and stranger “Are you my Daddy”, give us a reason as to why she hasn’t asked it. Give us more information on who her father is other than a “mysterious person she made up because he was a criminal” to get pass a FBI background check.

As far as the episode goes, I thought this was an outstanding one. The story wasn’t Red being a criminal mastermind that has one more piece of criminal bait to hang in front of the FBI’s face. It was nice to see Red being summoned by another evil-doer and showing the way he works as a criminal. Another aspect of this show that is an underlying story is the “who is tom” mystery. Now we have another perp that is now spying upon them and we have to wonder is the apple eating man connected to Tom or the mess that Lizzy is now situated in.

If you have not heard by now this series has been renewed already, so if you’re like me and hate to get emotionally connected to a show and have it cancelled, this show doesn’t have that problem so if you’ve been hesitant to watch start now because The Blacklist isn’t going anywhere.