Walter White is back! Well, sorta. There’s a new version of Breaking Bad coming to the small screen as a Spanish language program called Metastasis. I wonder how different this show is really going to be. They are calling Walter White Walter Blanco, so I don’t anticipate a great deal of change. That being said. They are changing the RV to a worn out school bus. That’s not a big deal on its own, but Breaking Bad is a very visually driven show, so the shift in aesthetic may, in fact, produce a very different experience. It’s also in Spanish, so there’s that for a difference.

I’m excited to see this show. I like the idea of retelling a story right after that story has ended. I can also see how reproducing this show for a Latin American audience could be particularly interesting. There is definitely a history with drugs and narco-culture in Colombia where the series will be based. That alone seems like an interesting twist on the out of nowhere meth-y-ness of Breaking Bad’s suburban setting. I also really dig the new title. Metastasis is a fitting metaphor for the arc of Breaking Bad’s initial incarnation. Metastasis is the process of cancer spreading from one organ to others. In Breaking Bad, the cancer and Walt’s internal corruption have always shared responsibility for the madness that show contains. That corruption (of body and soul) spreads to all of the aspects of Walt’s life. I guess this metaphor was always present in the narrative, but pushing it to the forefront is pretty nifty. Are you guys going to watch Metastasis? Does it matter to you at all? Let’s cook up some pure, blue opinions.

Oh there’s also this nifty trailer. It comes with an incredibly awkward English voiceover.[fresh_video url=””]