Stuart Gordon is a little bit of a crazy guy. He’s more eccentric uncle than axe-wielding maniac for sure. The Director of Re-Animator has been up to some cooky stuff. He’s been working on the one-man show Nevermore . . . An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe, and producing the undoubtedly insane Re-Animator: The Musical.

It’s been six years since dude has made a feature film. Worry not! He has started a Kickstarter (of course) to fund his next film. It’s not Re-animator: The Musical: The Movie. He wants to give the world another film version of Edgar Allan Poe. The film will feature Gordon’s regular coconspirator Jeffrey Combs (the lead in Re-Animator; it’s like a happy family) in the starring role.

The movie intends to take the structure of the one-man show and expand it into a larger production. That will include onscreen adaptations of some of Poe’s more famous works including. The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart, and Annabel Lee. I don’t think any of these vignettes could capture Poe better than The Treehouse Of Horror, but it could still be a good movie. It couldn’t be worse than that one with John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe qua investigator.

I love Poe, and I do think the detailed environments of all of his work would translate well to the silver screen. I also like Stuart Gordon. I’m not going to donate to the Kickstarter, but I wouldn’t get mad at someone who did. Let’s see how this plays out. Maybe there is some potential here.

Do you think this is a worthwhile cause? Could a good movie emerge from all of this? How bad was that Cusack flick? Let’s pop open a cask of amontillado and talk it over in the comments.

Source: The Dissolve