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22 Jump Street began principal photography on September 28. The sequel to the 2012 blockbuster comedy, which took in more than $200 million worldwide, is headed by Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum once again star as the undercover police duo who, after staging an operation in a local high school, are sent undercover to a local college. 22 Jump Street is set to be released in June 2014 and once again directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

From Hill and Tatum:

We are grateful to our friends at Sony and MGM for letting us do another one. We’re proud to be working alongside Phil, Chris, Neal, Ice Cube, Korean Jesus and the rest of our amazing crew and cast. As we all know, sequels are ALWAYS better than the original. Every single time. This will be no exception. How are we still saying the exact same words at the same time? This is crazy! Jump Street!”

I remember back in ’12 when pretty much everyone and their mother liked 21 Jump Street.  I had a 3rd grade student who impeccably reenacted the scene of Jonah Hill shooting his gun at the sky in triumph while arresting someone.  Personally I found the movie hilarious, which might be a stretch when talking about a comedy since comedy is so subjective. But the reason the movie worked so well was partly because of its lead stars.

Even for those who didn’t find it funny, you have to admit that 21 Jump Street was one of the first to establish Channing Tatum as a “rising star”, setting the stage for the “Year of Channing Tatum”. Sure he was type cast as the less-than-average-IQ jock, but it’s interesting because we now know from a series of subsequent roles that Tatum is no dummy. Jonah Hill played Jonah hill, which he does well, before his Oscar nominated role in Moneyball and his short cameo in Django Unchained.  My point is that these two actors are hyped by the media as the A-list newbies of  serious movies so it’s kind of cool that they are returning to Jump Street. Obviously the movie will be as successful as the first one in handing them a huge paycheck, but there’s something admirable about them revisiting their roots.

No 22 Jump Street complaints here. Just anticipate more dick jokes.

Source: Latino Review