Breaking Bad had just ended. I went to sleep. I woke up feeling confused and aimless. What was I to do without my favorite television drama? The world just felt a little less interesting. Then Djimon Hounsou decided to talk to ScreenCrush about Guardians Of The Galaxy. Everything is awesome once again; as it should be.

Hounsou talked about the action:

“Well, there is but not a lot – I’m doing a quite a bit of action but it’s not that much compared to some other films that I’ve done with kicking and boxing. But this is more contained, yeah, it’s quite fun.”

He mentioned how he got involved with the project:

“I was called in and when I met them and talked about various characters and the director James Gunn is somebody I really like and wanted to work with and so this was a great opportunity to be part of something that I can remember, something that can be instrumental for my son.”

It’s that last part that’s most important. He told us about his motivation.

He’s trying to make Helen Lovejoy proud. Djimon Hounsou is thinking of the children. He’s doing the part for his son. He brought this up again when discussing the comedy in the film.

“Well, yeah. I’m not really concentrating or thinking about the comedy aspect. I’m just thinking about the variety of flavorful work, if you will. And again, the Marvel world always is interesting for anybody, really. And for your son to see you almost like a superhero, I mean I’m not playing a superhero but like, you know, to see you in that sort of like world is quite fun.”

The man is obviously the greatest father since Sandy Cohen (rep the OC till I die).

In other Guardians news, Glenn Close admits she’s not just doing this film to provide the opportunity to do smaller movies. “I’ve always wanted to be in one of those movies,” says the six-time academy award nominee. My favorite bit of news on this front is the following: THEY ARE SHOOTING IT ON FILM.

James Gunn tweeted, “Holy shit. We shot 63,000 feet of film Saturday. 11 1/2 hours of film. One scene. We’re in for some long dailies tonight!” That rules.

It also rules that they have gotten editors from Django Unchained and Seven Pounds involved. This movie is going to be extraordinary. It’s already my most anticipated film of 2014. What do you think? Should I calm down about this movie? Should we all be stupendously amped? I think it’s the second, but we can talk about it in the comics.

Source: ScreenCrush