Action, action, action is how the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 went this week.

The Breakdown

The season finale of Hawaii Five-0 left off with McGarrett talking to Wo Fat, who was imprisoned, when suddenly someone who Wo Fat claimed was there to kill him started fighting their way in. Once inside McGarrett was able to take in of the men, Ricardo Cosi, and save the day.

Hawaii Five-0We also saw Kono and Adam sailing off into the sunset together while a worried Chin Ho was watching their location from the satellite.

While Cosi was being questioned, the department was stormed by terrorists and hostages were taken. The terrorists gained access to the Five-0 office and downloaded information from their computer, destroying it afterwards. It was discovered that the terrorist were part of the NLM and wanted Cosi back. Once the team handed Cosi over to the terrorists, one of the NLM shot Cosi. He along with the rest of the terrorists then surrendered.

As all hostages were released and while the SWAT team was wrapping things up, McGarrett received a call from Catherine; however, it was not Catherine on the phone. It was El Condor, the leader of the NLM who was now holding Catherine hostage. He said he would release her in exchange for his people who were just taken into custody. McGarrett hijacked the SWAT van carrying the prisoners and released them. Then he and Danny headed out to find Catherine.

SWAT commander Captain Grover attempted to take in Five-0 for hijacking their van and releasing the prisoners when they discovered that a news helicopter was stolen earlier. The teams headed out to the stadium where they believed that the chopper would be taking off from. Before arriving, a roadblock sent the SUV containing the terrorists rolling and after a brief shootout, it was all over….so they thought. McGarrett saw El Condor escape and followed him to the stadium where the helicopter was waiting. McGarrett was able to jump onto the chopper, get inside, and take El Condor down. He then landed the helicopter safely. Now it really was over.

Hawaii Five-0Back at headquarters Chin Ho worked to find out what information the terrorists obtained from their computer. It was Kono and Adam’s location, which Chin had been viewing when the episode began. Chin made a call to Kono to tell them to get out. It was too late. Kono looked outside and saw a gunman coming for them.

This Hawaii Five-0 episode ended after McGarrett handed Max a blood sample from Wo Fat asking Max to run it against his own DNA. Could Wo Fat be McGarrett’s brother??

The Analysis

Well, it was certainly an action-packed season premiere for Hawaii Five-0. There was an explosion in the jail, terrorists taking hostages, the hijacking of the SWAT team, McGarrett jumping onto helicopter, and gunman coming for Kono and Adam. Was it a little much? Maybe.

Hawaii Five-0All in all the premiere was typical Hawaii Five-0, action and all. The storyline with McGarrett and Wo Fat was no surprise. I have had a feeling all along that they might be brothers – we will see if I was right.

We also knew that Kono would not really leave the show. I am sure that story will play out with their return.

The introduction of a new character, Captain Grover the SWAT team commander, may breathe some new life into the show. The fact that it has moved to Friday night is a huge concern. We all know that is the kiss of death for any show.