Grant Gustin, formerly of Glee, emerged from his sing-song layer to discuss his upcoming role as DC Comics Flash, both in WB’s Arrow and The Flash’s eventual solo project. Gustin is a confirmed DC comics fan (which is good since his name should be someone’s alter ego) and his excitement about the character bodes well for the future.

A few notable things from Gustin’s first non-musical words in years. He acknowledged the fact that he’s younger than most would expect for a Barry Allen Flash. This may not seem like much, but it appears Gustin is savvy enough to know that nonsensical criticisms tend to appear from comic book fans with some regularity.

DC Comics FlashHe also discussed the costume, saying it would probably remain pretty much the traditional Flash. Lastly he notes that the show is going to slowly introduce his powers, which may seem out of place in the more realistic setting of Arrow (especially the time travel).

All of this looks pretty good on paper. I’ve never watched Glee, so I can’t speak to the young mans on camera chops, but judging by his ability to navigate the dangerous world of playing a superhero, he seems smart enough to handle the job well.

I think the idea of introducing him as Barry Allen forensic investigator is a good one. It allows the less fantastic attributes of his character to take the lead, and avoid defining the character by what he can do rather than who he is. I would say, however, that I am excited to see how his powers play on television. It seems like there’s a lot to experiment with here without getting into outright destruction spectacle.

The Flash can overcome enemies in many creative ways, which gives the writing staff a lot of potential action. He can also run so fast as to travel through time. That is a whole can of worms. Worms with the ability to become whole narrative arcs (even Gustin is excited about that possibility).

At the end of the day I’m thinking DC Comics Flash could be a great television character. What about you? Are you excited about this? How is Grant Gustin? Should I be worried? Get to the comments. QUICK!

Source: Screen Rant