I’ve already speculated about this.┬áNow it is the truth. I am the farseer foretold in the legends of eons past. Score one for the Luxman! The Jerry Bruckheimer Disney partnership is done. It is official. The reason may come as a surprise though.

Jerry Bruckheimer is parting ways with Disney in order to make movies more in his style. Apparently the glitzy, family blockbuster is not what Jerry Bruckheimer wants to be doing. This is spectacular news. In that last piece, I mentioned Bruckheimer’s past work on Top Gun, ConAir, and Armageddon. If he’s going back to what he was doing then, we are all in for some great work.

The turn towards the mass appeal of the PG-13 rating has toned down the intensity of the big budget blockbuster. It turns out J-Brucks is just as annoyed by this as I am. He wants to return to the sheer badassery of his early work. Given how most of his PG-13 efforts have turned out it’s probably the right move on a simply financial level.

He’s already engaged with Sony on a new Bad Boys movie. This seems like a good signal. With discontent regarding blockbusters seeming to increase every day, it looks like the market is primed for Jerry Bruckheimer to get back to what made him great.

If you’re looking for evidence – the generally positive reception of the Red movies, Skyfall, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol signals a turn toward a more realistic brand of action thriller. Realistic might not be the best word, but without superheroes, magic, or aliens. The protagonists will be human, and the plots may be crazy, but at least they’ll be set on an Earth that we recognize.

If he can avoid the pitfalls of Rebootor the deadly god of recycled plots, I think Bruckheimer may be able to start a trend toward a more organic form of action movie production. Are you guys stoked? Think J-Bruck still has the magic? Has his mana run low? Let’s talk about it.

Source: Forbes