This news is long overdue, but it’s about damn time. Tupac Shakur is finally getting the big-screen treatment he deserves.

Tupac Shakur Biopic To Start Filming in 2014 Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films is co-financing with Morgan Creek Productions to produce the film titled Tupac about the legendary rap icon. The studios are working off a script from Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, and a new draft is said to be completed in two weeks. Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur is also on-board as a producer, which most likely means she’ll be a consultant for the picture as well. The movie is planning for a start date for filming in February 2014, with a production budget of $45 million. The partnering studios also have the rights to use all music from Tupac’s catalog  to incorporate in the biopic.

Many can praise artists like Jay-Z, Li’l Wayne, and Eminem all they want. Tupac Shakur was a poet unlike any other, and no artist since his time has ever compared to his skill. I have fond memories of when All Eyez On Me was on approach, and California Love hit MTV and radio stations everywhere, and just playing it non-stop. Me Against the World is still one of my all-time favorite rap records. Just such a magnetic laid-back record with intelligently written lyrics.

Whoever directs the Tupac Shakur biopic they better do it justice. Now, riddle me this… Who should play Tupac? Name your pick below!

Source: Deadline