I don’t know much about Australian cinema, but I do know that I love me some Simon Pegg. The two have collided, and I’m defaulting into positivity mode. Kriv Stenders, the director of Australia’s most successful 2011 film Red Dog (which is actually the touching story of a red dog named Red Dog), is beginning work on his next project. It is a crime drama entitled Kill Me Three Times featuring Pegg as a coldblooded killer. Luke “How Many Are There” Hemsworth and Sonia Braga (Elysium) will also star.

Pegg’s assassin has been hired to kill the wife (played by Braga) of a wealthy man. Kill Me Three Times will be told from three perspectives, which I guess is how we arrived at this title, and will somehow involve this new Hemsworth.

If Simon Pegg has proved anything over the years, it’s that he can play a lot of different characters in a lot of different ways. I have faith he’ll put in a good performance. I for one look forward to seeing him in a role that rings a little bit different than his usual work. A merciless Simon Pegg is something that I think the world needs.

Almost more exciting than that is figuring out where this next Hemsworth fits in the family hierarchy. I’m pretty in on Kill Me Three Times, but what do you think? Can Pegg fit? Do you expect great things? All this and more in the comments.

Source: Variety