We join Jax as he’s mid-ride, then cut to his mom and Nero hanging out in bed when interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Navarro, he needs to talk. We then see Bobby riding out into Las Vegas. Back at Gemma’s house, Navarro tells Nero that it was his gun.

At the Pokie, the Marshall is meeting with Clay. He says that his game here is to simply punish those who hurt people. Clay wants to meet with Gemma & Jax, because he wants to hurt people as well, and won’t sign the agreement to help out the law until he sees them.

Back at Gemma’s, she tells Nero that the club can help with Navarro’s old lady.

We’re at the courthouse, and Tara is getting out. She talks to her lawyer, and gives her a ton of notebooks where she’s apparently been writing down a few things. She then asks her lawyer if she has started the other paperwork yet. Divorce paperwork, I assume. Once outside, she gets on Jax’s bike and they ride off, without saying word one to another. They arrive at home, and as Tara greets the kids, Gemma informs Jax about what happened with the school shooting and such. Afterward, Jax & Tara head off into a bedroom and discuss the future. Jax says he’s taking the club legit, which is something we’ve been hearing for quite some time now.

At the scene, the Marshall is there getting the details.We meet up with the DA, who’s another Shield alum, CCH Pounder. The Marshall and the DA get to talking, and he lets them know about The Sons, and how he believes that The Sons are the reason this kid got his hands on an illegally modified automatic pistol. Clearly though, the Sons are not to blame. It’s all because of GTA5.

Nero arrives at Jax’s house, and gives him the tasty news about the gun used at the shooting. They talkabout getting the mom out of town, because they’re afraid she might tweet the deets, as the kids say these days. As their discussion raps up, Jax gets a call about Clay wanting to meet, which he seems a bit indifferent about at the moment. Later, Tara & Gemma have a talk, pretty formal for the two of them, really. Gemma seems to suspect that something is up.

Back in Vegas, Bobby meets up with a Nevada chapter member of the Sons.

Nero and a few members of the Sons sneak into Navarro’s old lady’s house. She freaks out, and puts up a fight, retreating to the bathroom for a quick fix-me up. They discuss meeting up after she’s dropped off at the cabin.

At the station, Gemma meets up with Clay. He apologies for everything that he did, and he understands why Gemma did what she did. He tells her that he loves her, prompting her to bolt out there, and then find the ladies room to gather herself. When she leaves, she meets up with Lee, and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

Later on, Jax and a few of the boys meet up with the Irish. Jax informs Gaylen that he has plans to move them out of guns, to which Gaylen seems a bit miffed about, however, Jax has a back-up plan as always, saying he’ll defer all the business to another charter. Gaylen mulls it over, and seems OK with it for now. After leaving, Jax tells Chibs & Tigs that he isn’t selling the current stock of guns, since the feds could be all over them at the moment.

At the hospital, Tara is cleaning out her office, and asks her boss if she can have some blood work done on the DL, as well as a pregnancy test.

At Jax & Tara’s house, she’s meeting with the lawyer, and is apparently setting it up so Jax isn’t given custody of the kids, once the now revealed plan of divorce goes through.

We catch up with Nero at the cabin, who’s hanging out with Navarro and his old lady. They leave her alone in a room with a set of rifles, which proves fruitful as she blasts her way out of the house, with Navarro in tow. She tries to escape, but ends up getting Navarro killed. Jax catches up with her and is about to do the deed, but Nero won’t have it. They tie her up, and Jax tells him to let him know what he wants to do.

The Marshall is sitting alone, smashing his hands on a table because he’s either trying to fight the craving for dope, or because he feels a bit of guilt over the fact he just forged Clay’s signature on the papers that say he’ll agree to help out Johnny Law. He meets up with the DA, and they plot action against The Sons. Afterwards, he hits up the brothel and checks out the ladies, find out if any of them are digging his ponytail action.

Back at the cabin, Juice shoots up Navarro’s old lady. When she’s nice and calm, he smothers her with a pillow. Nero’s not happy about it, and Jax lies to his face about whether or not it was intentional.

We do our end show montage. Marshall makes a date with a hooker, Bobby continues his Nomad quest, Nero buries his cousin and his old lady. Jax & Tara have a bout of baby-making practice, and with that we’re out.

Overview: No surprise here that it’s another great one. They’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, and any of them alone could support an entire episode. I’ll tell you, Tara’s pissing me off. In the beginning Jax did whatever he could to drive her away, because he didn’t want this life for her. But she REFUSED. Even when Jax banged that pornstar chick, she wouldn’t be detered. So what happens? She gets into the life, and *shock* she doesn’t dig it, so now she’s plotting divorce as well as taking Jax’s kids away from him. I’m interested in Bobby’s Nomad group, he’s always been a favorite. I’m also looking forward to what happens with Clay and his plan to turn rat, although that’s probably not going to go as planned considering the Marshall is a corrupt hypocrite. See you guys Sunday for the final Breaking Bad.