We’ve all heard the fanboy complaints. Everyone has screamed and cried over it. Celebrities have also came to his defense.

Ben Affleck Talks Batman

Now, we finally hear from the new Batman himself! Affleck was on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the new film Runner Runner. During the interview, Jimmy Fallon ingeniously maneuvered the conversation from a humorous topic about his kids, and then bringing up how the kids feel about him playing Batman. I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon often but I have to give the guy major props on the segway.

Once Affleck opened up, he spoke about how excited he was about taking the role, and a humorous bit about Warner Brothers preparing him for the angry reactions. That part alone makes the entire interview worth checking out. He also discusses Zack Snyder’s vision for the character is what made him say “yes.”

I’m still not sold on Affleck as Batman for my own reasons, but I have to give the guy cool points for being such a good sport about the internet rage. The one good thing I’m hoping spawns from this casting is Affleck potentially directing the next Batman saga. That would kick so much ass.

Anyway, here is the video below, followed by the quotes from Afleck:

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/m8BaVKUoUGo”]

It’s so awesome. I’m so excited. They called me up and said ‘Do you want to do this?’ And I thought ‘I’m not 25 man, are you sure about this?’ And they said ‘Come down, we wanna show you what we’re doing.’ It was incredible. Zack Snyder’s directing it and he has this incredible take on it that like, obviously you can’t do what Chris [Nolan] and Christian [Bale] did, those movies are amazing. And so he wants to do something different but still in keeping with that.

And I thought this was a brilliant way to do this and I really know how to hook into this. And I said ‘Okay I wanna do it.’ The people from the studio were like ‘We’re thrilled, we’re so excited,’ we arranged it and they said ‘Listen, we want to talk to you because people go through this process and it can be trying.’ I said ‘What do you mean?’ They said ‘We want to show you some of the reactions that past cast members have gotten on the internet and stuff.’ So they send me, I won’t even say who they were, people who were in these movies who did a great job, and these things were like ‘Kill him!!!’ And he was amazing! You can’t say it before the movie comes out. It doesn’t matter what you think then, it matters what you think when you see the movie, obviously.

But I was like ‘I’m a big boy. If I can handle the Emmy snub. I can handle anything.’ They said ‘Just don’t use the Internet for a couple days,’ but I said ‘I handle shit, I’m very tough.’ So I saw the announcement, I looked on this thing, I looked at the first comment it’s like ‘Ben Affleck is going to be Batman’ and the first thing goes “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” And I was like ‘Maybe we should just [pushes to the side]. We’re going to be Luddites for a while, kids.’

Part of it is when you see the materials and when you see the take, it’s a very hard thing to describe without giving away the story and giving away what it is. But I really feel like I have a lot of opportunities now which is really great and this is something that’s really exciting.

Source: Batman News