No James Wan? No problem for Insidious screenwriter Leigh Wannel. Following Insidious Chapter 2’s enormous opening weekend, $41 million, it’s official! A new Insidious movie is in the works. I won’t give too much away here. The second movie is relatively new, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it, but the movie is pretty interesting. It definitely makes some unexpected moves. It has many of Wan’s trademarks and those overcome some major narrative flaws. The environments are creepy, and the characters are likeable to a certain degree. The second film has its spooks, and it works pretty well overall. While all of that is true, and the franchise definitely has potential it’s hard to imagine exactly what a third installment would look like.

I don’t even have very good speculations about this. No jokes, I can’t really figure out what the future holds. I feel surprisingly good about it though. I think that Wan’s influence on horror might just spread beyond his presence on set. That seems like the best-case scenario for these movies. If they can focus on developing on an aesthetic that is unique to the series, then Wannel and the rest of the production staff can count on some positive results. There’s no way future Insidious teams will have as well matched a pair of names as Wan and Wannel, but that doesn’t preclude the possibility of some alright work in the future. The strangeness of the second film does provide the possibility for some narrative continuity, but maybe the real move here is to expand the universe and subject another family to the dangers of The Further. What do you think? Is a third Insidious doable? Should they continue this story or start a new one? Let’s talk about it!

Source: Dreadcentral