The Grudge Match trailer dropped over the weekend, and it looks . . . really weird. The upcoming movie, directed by Peter Segal (Tommy Boy, The Longest Yard (Sandler edition)), stars Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone as two over the hill boxers who agree to one final bout to settle their career score – a 1 to 1 draw. When a brawl between two fighters, De Niro’s Kid and Stallone’s Razor (I KNOW!), brawl during a motion capture session for a new boxing video game is captured on video, they agree to fight one last time.

The first weird thing about this movie is how old the two of them look. No one at that age should be allowed in a boxing ring, and clips of them fighting are just bizarre. That being said, it’s clear what this movie is trying to do. By casting the stars of two of the greatest boxing movies ever made, Raging Bull and Rocky 4, the film is mostly playing for nostalgia laughs. In that case maybe the geriatric combat isn’t so bad, but it still feels strange. The trailer is also littered with self-aware moments. The most obvious of which is Stallone in a meat freezer poised to bring fists of fury upon an unsuspecting cow carcass before Alan Arkin makes a silly joke and everyone laughs.

Speaking of Arkin, he and Kevin Hart make up the primary supporting cast for this movie, or so the trailer would have us believe. They seem to have some game as far as back and forth goes, but I’m not sure it will be enough. What do you think of the Grudge Match trailer? Is watching two old guys who once played great boxers play old boxers going to be worth it? Is it a nostalgia based money grab? Could it be good? Discuss!

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Source: Hollywood Reporter