Well folks, it seems like we know what picture of Batman Zack Snyder will be painting in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. According to Deadline, Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara declared that Affleck’s Batman will be, “kind of tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it a while,” and have kids, and collect social security, and be in bed by nine, and be up by six to catch the early bird special.

I for one am actually quite excited by this development. It brings to mind the Batman of Grant Morrison’s run with the character (especially in the Justice League of America, not so much Batman R.I.P.), which is definitely my favorite incarnation of the Caped Crusader. This Batman is much more zen than past versions. He has seen it all and come to terms with his position in a world he has deemed irreparably damaged – He’s basically a maxed out monk in Diablo III. In an early edition of Morrison’s Justice League of America, Superman refers to the maudlin, masked man as, “the most dangerous man alive.” Soon after that, Batman manages to fend off a group of super powered Martians that had defeated the rest of the Justice League BY HIMSELF!

Hopefully Snyder and the writers of this new Batman will have the sense to draw upon this mythos. Morrison’s Batman is a grade A badass and deserves some time on the big screen. Whether I think that’s how it will play out is another question. We all saw how they handled Superman. That was less than excellent, to say the least. Here’s hoping they can handle business and give us the kung-fu master superhero we deserve.

Here’s Batman being great. Just for kicks.

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