Some of you folks out there that may read my Numbers and Inspiration column here at Renegade Cinema know that I’m a big Joe Hill fan. When I last spoke about the son of Stephen King’s work, I chose to leave his popular comic book property Locke and Key off the discussion list for another time. While I’m not ready for a comprehensive, in depth discussion on Locke and Key just yet, I am happy to report some news about a big screen adaptation for you fans out there.

Peeps paying attention know that Alex Kurtzman and Robterto Orci (Star Trek reroll) are busy with Hollywood writing work, but Kurtzman himself remains adamant that Locke and Key is a priority. What does a busy writing duo do when faced with an unsurmountable workload? They go get someone else. At first a TV adaptation was planned (good idea), but now Kurtzman is telling sources that a series of movies is in the cards. Check out the quote below from a Collider interview:

locke-key-2“We’re going to make a movie! We’re really serious. Absolutely! We’re really, really serious. In fact, we have locked down on a writer who really came up with a brilliant way to take the best of the first couple graphic novels and play out a complete first movie story with a lot of promise of future movies, which is really our goal.  But, I am as in love with it as you are. I believe in it so much, and I believe in Joe Hill. All I want is to make that movie… We’re very close…  Hopefully, it will be out soon. We really loved it, too. But, it will live on as a movie now, and hopefully many.”

The only problem with this exciting news is that there’s no mention yet of who the new writer is. We’ll have to stay tuned for that info. Joe Hill properties will be gaining some steam with the impending release of Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe (you know, the bespectacled fella from the Potter films). Not sure how well a Locke and Key movie series will be anticipated, and it’s kind of a shame that the TV pilot, which was fairly well received at the 2011 SD Comic Con, wasn’t picked up. What do you guys and gals think? Are you excited about this news, and do you think a film series or a TV show would be a better way to adapt Locke and Key?

Source: Collider