The Ms. Marvel rumors concerning Katee Sackhoff have resulted in fan’s casting the Riddick actress as Ms. Marvel in their minds. And to be completely honest, that is perfect casting. However, Sackhoff has shot down those rumors for now, which might be smart if she wants to play Ms. Marvel at all.

Here is what we reported to you last week about the Katee Sackhoff Marvel rumors. Sackhoff said in an interview that she would love to star in a Marvel movie and threw out two names – Typhoid Mary and Ms. Marvel – as ones she would love to pursue. Then word came that someone (Marvel was cited) called her people and asked about her availability for 2014.

That made it look like Marvel wanted her for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which made Ms. Marvel – or at least Carol Danvers, Shield agent – the best bet when it comes to Sackhoff’s earlier statements.

Well, the Marvel rumor mill went crazy and Sackhoff is doing what she can to quiet it down. First off, she said that “someone” called to check her availability, but she said she never said it was Marvel. She also didn’t say that it wasn’t Marvel – so there is that.

Then she said this:

“I absolutely have not spoken to Marvel. It doesn’t mean that my team hasn’t spoken to Marvel. I personally have not spoken to Marvel and have no plans to do a movie in the immediate future, because number one I’m tied up with Somnia which is a fantastic place to be. It’s exactly where I wanted to be.”

Then the clincher.

I would love to do the role. Of course I would love to do the role. I think that it’s in my wheelhouse and I would enjoy it. I’d be stupid to turn down a Marvel movie but as far as I know, Ms. Marvel isn’t even in the next movie.”

So, Marvel hasn’t spoken to her directly, although they probably have spoken to her team. She would love to play Ms. Marvel, but doesn’t know if it would be offered to her. And she would take it if they did offer it.

If I were a betting man, I would say the offer is there and they are going to keep it low key until Marvel wants to announce it.

Source: Crave