I understand that TV shows like Hannibal surprised audiences and proved that you should give a show a chance before passing on it. However, it is hard to get behind an idea like an American Psycho TV series, especially after hearing the synopsis.

Look, the best thing about American Psycho was the time period of yuppies and Huey Lewis and the fact that you really didn’t know if Patrick Bateman was a serial killer or if it was all in his head. Honestly, if you watched the movie and only saw a serial killer black comedy, you completely missed the point.

The people behind this American Psycho TV series completely missed the point as well.

The synopsis said that the series will take place 20 years after the events of the movie (eliminating the great era) and will have Patrick Bateman in his mid-50s, still ruthless, taking a protege under his wing. This protege will become his successor – the “next-generation American Psycho.”

Man, screw this idea. For one thing, I don’t want to see Patrick Bateman as a 50-year-old, I don’t care how ruthless he still is. And the fact that he was a paranoid nut job, and you never knew whether he was living in a fantasy world or not, is now thrown out the window with this stupid synopsis.

The only way it would work is if they showed at the end of the series that his protege is not even real and is just his alter ego and imaginary friend, kind of like Paul Bettany in A Beautiful Mind.

If the American Psycho TV series gets made, it will be on FX.

Source: Deadlne