Listen, we all know that most of us liked Star Trek Into Darkness. Even though it was kind of a rip off with the way it totally took the best film and villain in the film series to different levels of satisfaction. Me? I wasn’t pissed off at all that the great Benedict Cumberbatch took over the role of Khan. I was more upset that they bastardized and repurposed the ending to the original Wrath of Khan…Chris Pine’s death and quick resurrection ain’t got nothin’ on Leonard Nimoy’s and the Search for Spock.

And yes, there were loose plot threads…given the way Bones cured Kirk in STID, there will never be a threat to human biology now that they’ve got a way to resurrect the dead. But I digress…

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-25Or do I? Joseph Dickerson, immense fan of all things Trek, wrote an essay over at the site lamenting the direction the film franchise has taken under new direction and writing. Many a response followed, some level-headed and some so full of vitriol that NuTrek writer Roberto “Bob” Orci felt the need to respond in the comments section. (And this isn’t the first time this has happened; Orci and folks like Asimov Lives got into it heavy over at the AICN talkbacks back in the day):

“I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided.

Having said that, two biggest Star Treks in a row with best reviews is hardly a description of “broken.” And frankly, your tone and attidude make it hard for me to listen to what might otherwise be decent notions to pursue in the future. As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.

Respect all opinions, always, nonetheless.”

Things got more heated from there, and some expletives were uttered. We won’t put them here because we’re  family friendly site, but let’s just say that Orci responded to further criticisms with the basic “eff off” line. He then lamented his words:

“Don’[t] take me too seriously. if you’ve been on this board for the la[st] 5 years (as I have beeb) you know that twice a year I explode at the morons. today, there seemed to be a congregation, so it seemed like a good time.

You are the most listened to fans ever. That doesn’t mean you will get is to do what you want. just means what I said: I listened. Then we decided, having heard as many opinions as possible. To paraphrase of one of my great and beloved heroes, George W. Bush, “we’re the deciders….[“]”

Bob Orci has a right to defend himself methinks, but it seems like he had a much thicker skin when dealing with the AICN talkback crowd. I will say I liked both films even though they were flawed. In fact, I haven’t viewed them again after seeing them in the theater, mostly because I think they would completely fall apart upon home viewing. What does that say about me?

Source: /Film