Terminator 5 directorWho is ready for a new round of Terminator?

The long established machine driven property has finally acquired a director in Alan Taylor, who has directed past episodes of Game of Thrones and is currently finishing up work on Thor: The Dark World for Marvel. If Taylor does stay signed to the sequel this would make for a serious career start if Thor ends up being a great sequel.

No details are known about Terminator 5 yet except that it is a standalone movie, and will aim to reboot the property. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also expected to return in the film, but no specifics are known about his role in the film. Either way, this movie is now moving full steam ahead.

Skydance and Annapurna will co-fiance the film for Paramount, which is the same team who brought us this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z. Regardless of how you feel about either one of those movies, both made crazy bank over the Summer and delivered strong critical reception. Not a bad crew to bring back the intensity of Terminator.

Terminator 5 is currently scheduled for a June 26, 2015 release date! What do you think about the Terminator 5 director? Tell us below!

Source: Variety